Got 50G. Now what do I do?


Well it looks like I have an actual collection starting. Bought a 17BII+, promptly found this site, and discovered I couldn't stop my Amazon shipment. Had the bug for a calculator with all the bells and whistles and bought the 50G (with some Amazon store credits it was acually pretty cheap). Well I gotta say it's got more bells and whistles than I could ever hope for. But being the self-aggrandizing individual I am I can't very well send it back (or to anyone else, so don't ask).

So now what do I do? I would love to learn how to program the beast (er, device), even with basic business stuff beyond TVM. But I have no clue where to go to get references. Anyhow any clues as to where I can go to get more info would be appreciated.



I'd recommend, only after truly getting the hang of it with the user's manual, to look up or download the HP-48G Series Advanced User's Reference Manual, or AUR, as we lovingly call it here (one site I know it's available on:

This great manual originally from HP was the way I learned anything at all about (user) RPL programming and much fuller use of my 48G and 48G+. (As it turns out, RPL programming is somewhat intuitive, if you've had any experience with any computer programming language.)

Having a book-form copy is much better, in my opinion, and it appears to still be available from for $30 USD. (Same as I paid for it from there a few years ago!)

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I agree with the last post. I still use my 48 AUR. I also picked up a guide book on plotting and graphics years ago that was helpful. It's on my desk at work so I can't help much on the title.

I prefer the book over the PDF version because it seems more handy to me.

Spend some time at, here and comp.sys.hp48 for lots of info.

I think based on my observations the HP users community has a better defined base of people and sites for information. For the other calculators the people are helpful but there isn't much substance there beyond flashy websites and games.


HP has a new AUR for the 49G and 48GII posted on their website which I think is closer to the 50G than the AUR for the 48G/GX.


I'm not too sure, although I confess I haven't seen it, that this newer 49G AUR is as comprehensive or complete with respect to its coverage of RPL programming as the older 48G Series one.


I dowloaded a copy of it but for some odd reason in my little mind I like a hard copy book. I'm odd that way. Tried reading E-books several times before but like real paper.


There is an excellent "tutorial" book on ebay; I cannot remember the name of the author, but it is usually posted for sale there, for about $20 I believe. I will try to find out the particulars and post them here, though you could go to ebay and do a search for it. It was originally meant for the HP48 series, but it is very good for the 50 also. I have a copy also, so I can find out the information from there, as soon as I find it (it got "put away" somewhere devious when we moved last fall.....)

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