Yet Another 35s Bug


Here's a really obvious one:


You'll get an "INVALID (I)" error message!



Shows the correct error message: "INVALID (J)"


How do you do x<>(J)? Is it just the X<>Y?



x<> == yellow-shifted RCL key

followed by

(J) == decimal point key


It's Latin I think. I is used for J

It's like Visual Basic 6's error message telling me I'm out of ram when in fact I'm trying to save to a floppy and haven't put it in the drive.

More exactly I think they planned on only one indirect pointer and added J later. BTW I'm happy they did.


Maybe not so obvious: 
While in a program.

A001 LBL A
A002 1000
A003 STO J
A004 x<>(J)
A005 RTN

Shows the correct error message: "INVALID (J)"


This is even more disturbing.


I wonder if this has to do with the use of J instead of I in engineering parlance, to represent the imaginary part of a complex number? Is it possible that, by using a different paradigm, this could make sense, and not really be an error? I am not sure how to do that just yet; I plan to buy a 35s and go through some of the errors, etc., to examine these kinds of possibilities, but don't have much to say right now, except to mention ideas like this one.

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