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I ran across this web site a few days ago which has decent pricing on new older model HP's such as the HP 48GX at $129 and the 32SII for $52.95 and I ordered a couple of the 32SII, so have at it, I don't have any commercial interest in this supplier for the record, but I hate to see any collectors paying more than this on ebay for used units!
Here's the link:


I posted a recommendation for this site too about a month ago and will gladly second Frank's comments! I have no affiliation other than being a very satisfied customer!



I normally buy my calculators from Districalc.
They do not have a website, but are I have an email for them. An HP48GX is $117.38 and an HP32SII is $47.85
Their email address is :
And their address is:

Districalc Corporation
6993 NW 82nd Avenue
Bay #24
Miami, FL, 33166

Tel: 305-599-2845
Fax: 305-599-9928


Thanks Iqbal, great prices for new should the shipping be reasonable, any lower yet out there anyone?


luiz; i had heard that at one time the 12c was made in brazil. if that is true; was or is it more reasonably priced ($10 or $15 less than a 32s) there than the hp's youall had to import? the question is just curiousity about marketing, they are practically giving them away in the states right now.



Here in Manaus we have the prices for new calcs:

HP48GX R$ 490,00=USD 175,00
HP49G R$ 595,00=USD 212,00
HP30S R$ 140,00=USD 50,00
HP6SSolar R$ 40,00=USD 14.20
HP12C R$ 250,00=USD 89,00

My HP41CV and HP15C are "Made in Brazil" with the "B" in the serial number, but I think HP Brasil doesn't make calcs no more. I guess they made it more cheaper in Singapore;)


Marx Pio


Hello, db;

Just to add some information to Mr. Pio's answer. AFAIK, the 12C (and others) is no longer made in Brazil. The fact is that taxes over here made them rise their prices too high, as Indonesia and China offered better solutions. The final brazilian products were offered to the world marked in a competitive basis, but for us in here they were astonished priced.

A dream that's over...


Just in case, prices in Argentina are approximately as follows (I saw them at a store some days ago):

HP12C: U$S 110

HP17B: U$S 170

Our prices are usually higher than in Brazil, partly because 21% Value Added Tax.

This year, I was able to buy a HP48G+ at U$S 99, at a audio-electronics store, during a sale.

By the way, for the last 10 years, 1 peso (local currency) equals 1 U$S; our very "creative" authorities have now set a new rate, where 1 peso equals ((1 U$S + 1 Euro)/2) , and the formula will be changed when (if ever) the U$S and the Euro are 1:1, to simplify the transition. Even so, it is better than the 1980s, when it would have been better to have a logarithmic scale for hyperinflation ... I liked to ask my boss for a 3dB increase in salary at those times :-)


thoes are some high prices. no wonder you guys learn to use every bit of horse power you can get from your machines. too bad hp dosn't make calculators in brazil any longer; with mercosur everyone down there could benifit. something i remember that supprised me: i saw more hp's in poor-as-dirt bolivia than i did in the rest of s.a. put together. never did figure out why but it did make me feel i was around kindred spirits.


Well, to update my own experience, I received two 32sII units promply but poorly packaged from the previously mentioned website vendor, and the plastic package on one of the units was broken open, although the outside of the box was undamaged. Today I was sniped in the last seconds on ebay by this same fellow (name withheld for fairness/politeness) on an HP item I needed and had bid on a few days ago but failed to put my best bid on (my error), when I checked his history sniping was seemingly his only method of bidding. Much of this product is seemingly reposted on ebay by this same fellow (he was auctioning on ebay the same HP item he sniped me on, it was currently at a lower price than his snipe bid) or listed on the previously mentioned web site as used or new, and told me he had immediately sold the HP item he had sniped me on. I had help from another collector to make this verfied connection between the sniper/lister and the website. I did talk with the fellow, but he expressed no remorse for this action to one of his customers, let alone anyone else, and it is of course legal and OK of course per ebay rules. The old saying "Buyer Beware" certainly applies for me at least!


Frank wrote:


...Today I was sniped in the last seconds on ebay by this
same fellow (name withheld for fairness/politeness) on an HP item I needed and
had bid on a few days ago but failed to put my best bid on (my error), when I
checked his history sniping was seemingly his only method of


I wanted to comment on your mention of "sniping" in eBay auctions. There is a
fairly new service/web-site called "Bidnapper" (www.bidnapper.com). This
service allows a bidder to place an order ahead-of-time for an eBay item, and
Bidnapper will place the bid with only a few seconds left in the auction (the
average is about four seconds). I, myself, have signed-up for this service
and I use it exclusively now. I don't feel that there is _any_ moral or
ethical problem with it at all.

eBay bidding (proxy bidding) is based on the premise that everyone places _one_
bid---the bid that is their true maximum amount. If eBay allowed all bidders
to place _only_one_bid_, then there would be no problems and there would be no
need for sniping. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If I bid _early_ on an
item that I really want, it just gives the "competition" time to see that
someone else is interested, and the time to try to determine the amount of my
maximum bid. As a result, that "competition" may bid a bit more than they
would have otherwise, given the knowledge about my bid. This means that the
competition has more information about the auction than do I. This obviously
puts me at a disadvantage---especially if I'm not camped-out watching the
auction in the last hour!

Sniping, in my opinion, just levels the playing field. In fact, I wish
_everyone_ would use Bidnapper. That would ensure that the bidding proceeds as
it should (actually it would be identical to a sealed or silent-auction).
But, as I said, I just don't have the time to monitor all the auctions I bid
on, to guard against someone bidding 12 times in the last hour in order to
out-bid me---and in the process bidding higher than they would have originally
bid if they had only one chance.

All ethical concerns that you have for this other fellow (and they sound like
legitimate concerns) aside, I defend the practice of "sniping."

My two cents,


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