HP Resumes Selling 35s


Just checked HP's websites and discovered they were selling the 35s again.

The HP Home Website has the 35s listed "In Stock: Ships within 24 hours if order is placed before 10pm (EST)."

The HP SMO site lists the HP 35s as "In Stock: usually ships within 24 hours."


I also noticed that the 35s is shipping again from HP. By the way, coupon code SV1063 will get you $10 off $50 at the HP store (good through 8/15). I ordered one this morning.


I also noticed that the 35s is shipping again from HP. By the way, coupon code SV1063 will get you $10 off $50 at the HP store (good through 8/15). I ordered one this morning.

I tried to enter the code to save the ten dollars. The response was "Invalid Code" . What am I not doing properly?


Code SV1063 is only good at the HP Home Store. It may not work if you're trying to order through HP Small and Medium Business Store.


I tried the home store online. It refused the coupon code. I think I'll wait for the calculator to show up at Fry's.


Does anyone know yet what they changed or fixed?


As soon as I receive the one I ordered today from HP, I will compare it to the one I received previously from SC. If there are any differences, I will post them here.


Based on all the forums and debates I've read, I think too many
people have gotten their hopes up that HP pulled the 35s from shipment in order to physically inspect each device for display alignment, serial number decal alignment, or to correct alleged functional bugs. This is not practical. At best, I believe HP performed a visual "through the blister pack" inspection to weed out any faceplates that had the "convert liter to liter" errant conversion marking posted elsewhere in this forum and found on only a handful of early units. This would be the cosmetic defect HP spoke of.

The calculators are not worth enough for HP to perform individual inspections of display alignment, etc. If HP was correcting this problem, they would have pulled ALL stock, trashed them, and waited for a new production run from China that fixed these problems. That can't happen in one, two, or three weeks.

Expect HP to continue shipping product with 721x and 725x serial numbers. At some point in the future, I'm sure they'll address the minor manufacturing issues that some people have noticed. Remember the 33s decimal point? They did finally improve this after many complaints but it took at least a year after production started on that model.


I wonder whether, with the use of polarized or laser light and/or a polarizing filter (or whatever), they might have performed a non-invasive check of display alignment? Any ideas?

I could NOT tell, by looking through the packaging at a turned-off display, whether my second unit was mis-aligned, and so gave up & opened the thing.


Well... what is straight or crooked?


It's fine.

(Sorry -- I didn't mean to keep you in suspense.)


Now I wonder how the "fixed" units that are supposed to ship at the end of August from Samson Cables, how these will compare to the ones now being sold at hp.com!


If they have enough with the cosmetic flaw. If it sits in my toolbox at work cosmetics mean ???

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