should I return the HP35S from Walmart and wait for one from Samson Cables?


I just received the HP-35S after ordering it from Walmart on August 2, 2007 (after reading the New York Times article).

After reading posts about the misaligned screen, I wonder if I should return the Walmart one and reorder it from Samson Cables? (I haven't opened the box yet.) Is the misaligned screen in all the ones shipped from Walmart or just an isolated few? Or do people think the misaligned screen is blown out of proportion?


It seems very likely that the misaligned screen problem happens in differing amounts. The mis-alignment on my unit was so small that it did not really bother me - all of the "annunciators" at the top are still visible.

It seems the range of misalignment ranges from none to bad in a somewhat random manner. I bought my unit directly from HP, for example. I don't think a clear pattern has emerged that units bought from certain vendors (or even serial number ranges) has yet really emerged.

In short, it's a crap shoot. Unless you want to wait a few months for HP to re-release the 35s - I'd say open it and take a look and see what you've got. You may find that it is just fine. If you find that it is bad I think Walmart and/or HP will take it back and give you a new one once they correct the manufacturing problems.

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Right -- keep your packaging & receipt, but go ahead & play with it. (Check with them to be sure, but I think you have 90 days for a return.)

I got one of mine from Wal-Mart -- it's absolutely fine.

Besides, if H-P has suspended sales, who knows when it will be available again?


I that it's in stock again at, if these "newer" units will have the faceplate issue resolved. Alas, if I were to open up the one I have from Walmart, it may be difficult to return!


Unless it's really a huge slant up to the right (or left, though I haven't heard of any of those) and bothers you no end, I'd keep it. I got mine via and there is an ever so slight misalignment up toward the upper right corner, but as many say, it's really only noticeable if you run the self-test and all the annunciators show up on the screen. In fact, I didn't even notice it until I read the posts in this forum!

I have a slightly different problem, though, my case is slightly defective: the upper strap inside when the case is right side up came incompletely sewn onto the case on the left.



You are willing to give up a 35s (Red Dot) for a 35s (bland!).



dona nobis pacem

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