Who has the LAST HP 42S ever made?


After HP stopped making the 42S, it made a last batch of
them in order to fulfill warranty claims. Some 42S that
were not used in this fashion were later given/sold to
users. I have a 42S that comes from this later batch,
and I am curious to know how close it is to the last
42S ever made. The serial number of mine is:


Indicating it was made in 1999, week number 18, serial n. 9752 in that week. What's the last serial number anyone
has for an HP 42S?



Mine came from the same warranty claims batch

s/no 9 40 03363


I have one (from exchange program) with s/n ID027027xx



I also have a 2000 one, someone in the community helped me just before they closed the exchange program in August 2000. I'll communicate you the ID# tomorrow


One I've got has a serial number starting with ID027, which I also bought from someone who frequents this forum.


I wonder who that could be Jalo?
Actually the ones with the serial numbers ID027 were the last batch ever made. So I guess who has the last serial number of that batch has the last one.


Hi, Iqbal. Yup, this one I bought from you back in September 2000. The whole serial number is ID02702892. Did you sell me the last one?


No Jalo I sold to others after you.


I wish to nominate my HP-42s as possibly being the last
*regular production* HP-42s made. The first 5 characters
of the serial number are 3543S, indicating that it was
made in the last week of October, 1995 in Singapore.


Does anybody have a 42S that they would like to sell? Or does anybody know where I could find one. I lost mine after 13 years, and hate to start using another.


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