15C fails keyboard test


I have a 15C that fails the keyboard test. The keys seem tight and quite responsive, and they seem to work as they should. What would be the cause of the failure? It doesn't fail on the same key every time, but I've not yet made it all the way across the top row.

Any suggestions on correcting this situation?


Hello !

When performing the key-test, do You remember to hit the Enter-key twice - ? First time for the 'R/S'-row and second for the 'ON'-row.

If that dosen't work, try remove the battery for about 20 minutes...

Best regards
Sondre K. Selnes


Thats the so called "Self test - Test" 8)


Voyagers will fail keyboard test if the battery is very low. Try with brand new batteries as well.


You da man, Allen! New batteries did the trick. Thank you.

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