35s mem seems weird


On my 35s, I've noticed that the amout of memory used does seem to correspond with the sizes of the programs I've got stored.

Currently, my calculator is reporting 24535 bytes of free program memory. I've a single program D which has a claimed length of 1954 and no variables.

24535 + 1954 = 26489 which is way off from the total memory on the device. I've forgotten the exact memory empty size but it is over 30000 bytes.

Where has the memory gone? I'm pretty sure the program is larger than the quoted size...

Should this be counted as a bug?



How many indirect variables do you have allocated?

When you go into MEM, what does it show on both sides?


How many indirect variables do you have allocated?

None that I'm aware of. I did clear vars to check.

When you go into MEM, what does it show on both sides?

    1VAR   2PGM
0 24,525

pressing 2 brings up:

    LBL D

There are no other programs.

- Pauli


Further investigations.

Memory at start 24525.

    LBL A
Memory now 24484 (i.e. 41 bytes used).
MEM 2 for LBL A has LN=9.


    LBL A

Gives me 24446 bytes and LN=15.
Changing the 456 to 4567 in the this example yields 24446 and LN=16.

I'm guessing that the LN figure is being calculated as three bytes per operation plus one byte per character in the number and the mem figure is a flat 38 bytes per number. A quick look at equations seems to indicate that they follow the same rule as far as the LN= bit.

- Pauli

Edited: 6 Aug 2007, 12:51 a.m.

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