HP 35s display misalignment?


Take a look

(I know the actual scan is tilted. My apologies).

(Sorry about the last scan)
This should be better

There is a very tiny tilt (as some of you have noticed). But it is not bad at all. In fact, in normal use I just don't see it unless I look for it.
I'm hoping that someone with a very noticeable tilt could post a scan of theirs. Then we could compare.

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The display shows no noticeable tilt to me.

Of course, the entire calculator appears tilted! :-)

Seriously, I'd like to see a scan/picture of a real 35s that has what its owner considers a bad tilt.


From what I can see, the top row of words in the display is clearly disappearing under the bezel as you move from left to right.


Steve, you are right, but the tilt is ever so slight, and on mine, it's ever so slightly more than that, but I think this amount of misalignment is really nothing to quibble about...

... not that I think you are quibbling here... just shooting my mouth off again...


Perhaps, but I can't imagine this is going to cause any **real** grief (just my opinion here).

It is SO slight that it wouldn't cause me a second thought.

Certainly, it isn't a 5 degree angle or anything. :-)


The display on mine was off by a full pixel and easily noticed by a coworker who also has a 35s. If the misalignment had been like this one, I would have not bothered to disassemble and realign my unit.


I only noticed the misalignment on my HP 35s because the self-test was the first thing I did on the unit after I noticed that it defaulted to RPN mode. I was staring intently at the display when it had all of the annunciators showing and spotted it. It wasn't very bad or anything I was going to contact HP about. I probably wouldn't have noticed it otherwise.

Gene said:

Perhaps, but I can't imagine this is going to cause any **real** grief (just my opinion here).

I haven't yet read what cosmetic defect caused HP to halt HP 35s shipments. If it was some sort of display misalignment, it must be much worse than what mine has. The fact is that something caused HP employees some "**real** grief" in order to make that decision. I'm sure it's not the display reflectivity (since someone has stated that this is identical to that of the HP 33s) or the serial number stickers.


The annunciators are too close to the window edge. Just compare with the hp33s here.

Probably that's the reason why HP is withdrawing the calculator. I don't know if that can be called 'misalignment', the LCD is aligned but the digits are very close to the upper window edge while there's plenty of space between them and the lower window edge.

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