Inverting Matrix by Row Transformation for HP 35s/33s?


Since these calculators can't handle matrices, has there been any programs written to speed up the process? Perhaps a program that will transform a row when entered intered into the calculator? Thanks


If you can do it by hand, you can write a program to do it. Simple as tthat--make the computer remember the steps, that's all.


Thanks for the "obvious" answer. Just wondered if it had been done before. Perhaps I should have asked if there is other known software archives besides the big ones like on this website.


Did you find any for the 33s? It would work on this calculator too.


Anything for the 33s would be quite limited given the memory constraints of that model.

I think it is only a matter of time until someone completes a matrix determinant and inverse routine using the indirect registers on the 35s.

As previously mentioned, Datafile has an article with many matrix utilties already published. Just need a shell program written around them to call the routines and do a bit of other math.


Wouldnt be too hard to write a program that would handle a 2x2 or 3x3... my programing knowledge is not good enough yet to handle something bigger. I think youd be limited anyway because of the storage capacity of variables.


Storage capacity shouldn't be a problem on the 35s.

With 801 indirect registers, you can store quite a bit of information.

I remember the old TI-59 LED calculator could do an 9x9 determinant and the HP41c could do a 14x14 (if I remember correctly).

I think the 35s could do those of that size once the program is done. Now WHY you'd want to do one that big is another question. :-0


(Super)String Theory.

Why anyone would want to stick with that is another question. :-0

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