HP 35S Serial Number list


I notice that there is not a list of different serial numbers for the HP35s. It would be nice to see who has what, and who have bragging rights for the lowest serial number, so can we use this to list who has what. Mine came from Walmart.com.

Also, did HP add in the date code somehow to serial number?

I will start first.

S# CNA 72500462

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I have 72104204.

I ordered directly from HP - but not when they first came out - I waited awhile to see the general reaction/reviews from people that got them... ;-)


I have 72104204.

I ordered directly from HP - but not when they first came out - I waited awhile to see the general reaction/reviews from people that got them... ;-)

My display is ever so slightly misaligned. It tilts up as you look from left to right. But since all annunciators are still visible I don't think I will ever bother to return it.


CNA 72500718

LCD display slightly skewed, goes up to the right. Everything else seems fine.


CNA 72102369 (Samson Cables); perfectly aligned display; misaligned serial number; one crash.

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CNA 72102361 and my LCD is well aligned, but the serial number is not :-)


I already posted my cereal :-) number, but since this is a thread dedicated to such esoterica, here it is again: 72103808.

I purchased direct from HP on July 13 and received it on the 19th.

Like Miguel, my screen is OK, but the sticker is crooked.



CNA 72102344

Bought from Samson Cables, USA. Shipped from Spain.

Possible misalignment of about 1/2 a pixel (it really is barely noticeable).

Serial number is crooked (no big surprise).

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CNA 72103848 -- H-P SMB Store   -- aligned LCD        and serial #
CNA 72102370 -- Wal-Mart Online -- aligned LCD, unaligned serial #

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CNA 72102360, SC, no missed keystrokes, perfectly aligned display, no crash


SN: CNA 72101939 from walmart.com, ordered 07/17/2007; display and serial number sticker misaligned (but only slightly)


CNA 72101928, both pretty straight.


I got the one right before yours. Right end of display tilted down more than a full pixel.
SN: CNA 72101938 from walmart.com

Got another one direct from HP, slightly misaligned on the opposite end. Don't have it handy, so no SN to report there.

The LCD is glued to a metal plate. It seems to me that when the LCD floats on this blob of glue it may be skewed one way or another either when first placed on the plate or by moving a little before the glue sets. The metal plate itself is always dead on since it fits securely in the molded plastic case. It's difficult to correct the skew by hand since the glue is very rubbery and bounces right back to it's orignal shape.


CNA 72103815 directly from HP, perfectly aligned display

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CNA 71000056. Gene might have an earlier one.


Nope, no earlier one with a number like that. CNA 71000070. Marked "not for sale", so it isn't.

I do have one with keys like shown below. Can you spot the difference? :-)


Wow! It converts both TO liters and TO liters!!


Hi, Gene, what are those strange dots your keyboard shows? I can see 8 of them on your picture.


CNA 72103814

Ordered from HP. Display was misaligned, but I have corrected it. Everything else seems to be ok. Crooked serial number (of course). I have another unopened 35s ordered from Buy.com--serial number not visible.

On back of plastic box, on top left, they will have serial number for you to see.

Teach me to look at my packaging before putting it away. Ok, I pulled the second one back out and the serial number on the box is 72500450.

Interesting to see a new numbering scheme 725x as opposed to 721x.

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-serial number not visible.

On back of plastic box, on top left, they will have serial number for you to see.

CNA 72101934 from SC. No apparent / obvious "cosmetic defect" (other than crooked serial number)


72102307. Wal-Mart. Package not opened yet.


From Buy.com: 72101944 - Unopened

From HP direct: 72104162 - Daily use. No defects at all, great calculator. [edit: The SN sticker is crooked, but I really don't consider that a defect, cosmetic or otherwise.]

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72102337 from Samson Cables. Display aligned, serial number slightly misaligned.


My is 72102010

Order from Samson Cable delivered over Spain.

All alligned right.


CNA 72103849 directly from HP. Display slightly tilted, but I don’t think I would have noticed it, if it had not been brought to my attention.


CNA72103890 from HP SMB, no problems. (Well, except that people who ordered from Walmart and Samson and Buy.com seem to be getting lower numbers. Seems like HP should have reserved the first units for their direct sales.

Also, did HP add in the date code somehow to serial number?

The above serial number is parsed as follows:

CNA - country and factory code

7 - 2007

21 - 21st week

03890 - sequence number

CNA 72102367
from Samson Cables
Display perfectly aligned, no problems so far
Serial number sticker *was* crooked, took me 2 second and dry hand to stick it properly


CNA 72500587 buy.com good display alignment crooked serial number

And hey, I like the "Don't trash me!" icon on the back!

CNA 72101983 from Walmart.com. Crooked serial number sticker. Display very slightly crooked - only noticeable in self test with all annunciators energized.

S/N CNA72104159 ordered direct from HP. Display seems to tilt slightly to the upper-right, but not enough to notice until I read posts on the subject. Label also slightly mis-aligned.


72102335 - ordered from Samson as well.

Currently I have the following on hand:











All came from a second-tier North American distributor.

CNA 72104239, ordered from HP Small Business Website last week. The display is straight, no other problems, so-far.

From HP: CNA 72104215. From WalMart: CNA 72102325. Both have good displays.


CNA 72102353, aligned display, misaligned S/N sticker.
Delivered on 31/7 from SC over Spain.

Nice little toy (Thanks HP !) but not up to the 42s...
hope to see a '43s' (?) in a few years !
(or even better, something with a 'landscape' form factor,
like a '15c Platinum'). Meanwhile this has become my new work calc:
it's cheap and easy to replace so I can leave it on my desk overnight
without fearing having it stolen (call me paranoid :-)

Have a nice day :-)


... it's cheap and easy to replace so I can leave it on my desk overnight
without fearing having it stolen (call me paranoid :-)...


Nah, the world is unkind and unsafe. Well, maybe not so unkind; after all, we did get a RPN scientific programmable with a decent looking key layout... :p

CNA 72102348 no screen problems, no crashes so far.
bought from Samson Cables.

- Pauli

CNA 72102331


CNA 72102850

Hp Direct. Indianapolis Indiana shipping point. Pay for ground (3 day) get it overnight (<15 miles). Sweet.

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CNA 72103824, from HP

CNA 72500457, from buy.com

--happy calculating,

Dan M

S/N CNA 17101997

Samson Cables

LCD Perfectly aligned

No crashes yet

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slightly misaligned display (RHS slightly higher than LHS)

sits nice and stable on a flat surface (ie no wobble like my 33s)


S/N 72104216, purchased on day 1 from HP SMB site, no problems with display or foot alignment. The S/N sticker made it inside the raised edging, but it was crooked. ;-)


#CNA 72500753

Purchased from York University Bookstore. I e-mailed them before I ordered, and they had just gotten a new batch in (Friday Aug 3, 2007)

Slight display misalignment (right side high).


44 retail purchases so far!


I feel like a new father pressing his nose to the glass in the nursery.

Proudly: "That one's mine, over there -- 72102370"

"They look so much alike . . ."

"Yes, but they sure are cute!"

"Look at the size of the ->KM on this one!"

"They're all big!"

"Oooops! That one's got a misaligned display."

"A display only an owner could love."

"I wish I could see their 'P<->R' conversions."

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What's perhaps stranger (or certainly more scary) is that Howard and I bought our calcs from completely different sources (his: Wal-Mart; mine: HP SMB) and they are sequentially one number apart. Here's the scary part: Howard and I sat next to each other at HHC2006 last year, and now our calcs are sitting next to each other (in spirit).



What's perhaps stranger ... is that Howard and I bought our calcs from completely different sources (his: Wal-Mart; mine: HP SMB) and they are sequentially one number apart.

Maybe it's not so strange.

I saw somewhere on the Wal-Mart site re: items delivered "site-to-store" a suggestion that, should I fail to pick up the item, refuse it, or return it, the item is "returned to the manufacturer".

That struck me as odd, and it probably shouldn't be taken as gospel. But I wouldn't be surprised if, consistent with "just in time" inventory, etc., that the online stores outsource the storage and fulfillment to the manufacturer. (Heck, perhaps even H-P SMB outsources that to some specialty outfit.)

They may have come from the same location. (Do you both have your shipping labels?)

(Do you both have your shipping labels?)

I ordered my 35S using e-walmart "site-to_store".

The package has a UPS shipping label on it. The shipping lable says that the order was shipped from Wallmart in East Bentonville, AR.

They may have come from the same location.

I checked the UPS tracking information and it said that the package was actually shipped from Cerritos, CA.

-- Richard

Virtual warehousing! Pretty cool!

-- Edited ------------

Actually, Cerritos, CA appears to be the location of a UPS station. I suppose either H-P or Wal-Mart could have a warehouse nearby, so this doesn't prove anything. (I could find no specific mention of Cerritos on either company's web site.)

Incidentally, I note that H-P has a presence in Bentonville, AK, according to its careers site.

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So Richard (using my best lawyer impersonation), did you, or did you not, have to pay shipping for this so-called "site-to-store" transfer of merchandise? Don't forget, you're under oath.

Since I work within two miles of one Walmart, and four miles from another, I wanted to use that "shipping" method too, but couldn't find (didn't see?) that choice. I ended up thinking it wasn't an option because the 35S is an "On-line Only" item.

In any case, good find.


did you, or did you not, have to pay shipping for this so-called "site-to-store" transfer of merchandise?

I did not pay shipping. This would have gotten the calculator delivered directly to me but would have cost $6.97 US.

I did, however, have to pay local taxes of $3.80.

My Walmart is just over two miles away so I chose the free shipping to there and paid the taxes for a savings of $3.17. :-)

I got my order in before the price increase so the total cost for the calculator was $53.79.

-- Richard

I'm guessing you would have paid local sales tax even if delivered straight to you. Since Walmart has a physical presence in your state (as they are virtually omnipresent), sales/use tax laws would almost certainly require them to collect the tax on direct deliveries too. So you saved $6.97. But you did have to drive and go in to a Walmart.

I'm guessing you would have paid local sales tax even if delivered straight to you.

That is normally the case but I don't remember seeing the cost of both shipping and taxes when I was making the order. It may be poorly functioning brain cells. :-(

But you did have to drive

No, I walked. :-)

and go in to a Walmart.

True, but at least I did not do it on a Saturday!

-- Richard

Uh Oh. Walmart messed up and shipped me the Devil's 35S:

S/N - 72500666 !!! It's a HOT one !!!

S/N - 72500666 !!! It's a HOT one !!!

Interesting S/N...

Try this in DEG mode:

72500666 TAN 

The 666 won't move and you'll have all digits from 0 to 7 on the display.

Just be sure you are in FIX 6 before taking the tangent :-)

Or ALL :-)

Wow! I thought a sorted list of serial numbers was really geeky, but passing those serial numbers as arguments to trig functions . . . Well that just takes the cake!


It's just that I've been playing with turboBCD lately and have implemented all trig functions on it. I know they are working but I couldn't help testing it with Matt's serial ;-)


My HP35S serial number is CNA 72501069 which I received in the UK on 14th August 2007.

I think it looks good, is a great shape, has a good weight and no cosmetic faults. I am very pleased with my new purchase.

All I need now is an excuse to use its programming capabilities.



S/N 72101948

Ordered July 17, 2007 from e-walmart using "site-to-store". Arrived at local store on July 20, 2007.

The display is about 1/2 pixel higher on the right side than the left side. Not noticable in normal use.


Not noticable in normal use.

But conversely, not normal in noticeable use.


Finally, a 35S in the UK, Thank You Andrew at Minerva Electronics


Got my 35s parcel today:-))

Came over Spain from Samson Cables.

Paid for on 29th of July.

s/n 72105740 and 72105746 .

Both are prepended by 'CNA', of course...

I have opened the 72105740 blister.

The display is aligned properly.

I haven't checked for bugs yet.

Is there a non-destructive way

to retrieve the revision info?

From what I can tell so far, this is the best looking

'HP' branded calculator since at least ten years!

Rubber only were it belongs, as the feet.

The tactile feedback of the 35s keyboard is *much* nicer

than that of the 33s, which was to hard and loud IMHO.

Apart from that, the older 33s was a really ugly beast anyway...


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CNA 72105767

Ordered 07/30/2007 from Samson Cables.

Ship Method: US International Air Mail (2-4 weeks)

Arrived today in Zurich via Spain.

No missaligned display.

From Walmart: CNA 72500076
Was ordered 8-04-2007
Still unopened...

I thought you had to open the packaging to find the serial number. I purchased mine from Walmart on 8/2/07...still haven't opened the packaging yet.

A sticker with the S/N was on the back of my package as well.

For the archive:


Shipped by Samsoncables on 31st of July. Arrived in Switzerland 2nd of August. Calculators were shipped in the the original sealed HP cardbord box. Print on it reads:

(1P) Product: F2215AA
(30P) Option: ABA
Quantity: 3
Date: 190607 (the date is actually stamped and therfore seems to be the packaging and/or production date)

The serial stickers which can be found on the back of the calculator and the blister packaging are also sticked to the outside of the cardbord box.

I thought somebody would be interested in that.



arrived 08/10 from calculatorsource


pretty happy so far. reading through the forum.


Another one for the record: S/N CNA 72105835, arrived today from Samson Cables directly via USPS Air Mail. Was ordered 7/15 (for US$52.99 + US$20.00 for S/H), shipped 7/30 (late shipping due to some arguments about SC's attempt to charge additional shipping costs). Anyway, I paid 10.06 Euro VAT today, and that was it :)

First impressions:

LCD is correctly aligned, even the S/N sticker is ;-) Now to the less important stuff:

Strong points: Nice shape, very nice keys (thanks, HP!!), reasonable keyboard colors (after more than a decade!), comfortabe ways to enter complex numbers. In total the best RPN calc produced since 2001 (though the calculating power per cubic cm decreased). Seems HP understands better now why their vintage calcs looked the way they looked.

Weak points: Silver cursor keys really look like on a TV remote control, plastic housing feels cheap (a more structured surface would have been better IMHO), keyboard space wasted for <-ENG, ENG-> (hey, that calc was meant for professionals - who cannot do these operations by heart, is no), misleading shift keys, glossy LCD window, theta looks like 8 in the LCD.

And the case is way too big to contain just such a calc, but I can add some travel documents ;-)

To be investigated: Function set & grouping, menu contents, benefit of UNDO (??), how to work with this device in practice ...

Summing up: A real lot better than the 33s, still a long way to go for a 42sii. Go on, HP!

Edit: (1) To open the blister pack, I needed my Swiss Army Knife *and* brute force! (2) I've to check for all the software bugs reported here. (3) The handbook chapters about SOLVE and INTEGRATE seem to be unchanged for 25 years now. (4) Mechanical HW-wise, the 35s may be a nice platform for some custom projects (Eric? Pauli? Richard? OpenRPN (R.I.P.)?)

Edited: 12 Aug 2007, 2:18 a.m.

HP 35s
CNA 72102596

Ordered from HP Home on 8/8, arrived 8/11.

Display is aligned; serial sticker a bit crooked.

Overall Impressions:
The 35s has recaptured the best elements of HP's classic handhelds. The key design, tactile feel, markings, ENTER key, and body clearly indicate that HP has listened to its (dwindling?) user community. Congratulations for daring to return to your roots, HP!

After retiring my 10C (1983-1992) and 42s (1992-2005) for concerns that they would get stolen or damaged, I reluctantly took up relations with the 33s (2005) and it's been a compromise the whole way. The guts were good but the presentation was misguided. I wanted to like it more than I did. And then, this summer, I thought I'd see if HP had anything in the pipeline and...presto! Here's the 35s! Was it a cruel marketing joke? The 35s looked too good to be true. It's everything the 33s should have been.

Of course, it's a big risk for HP since the 35s will likely appeal mainly to HP diehards who've owned several models over the years (and years, and years). But then again, the classic HP design philosophy and RPN combine to make a powerful statement for those willing to convert. Hopefully, this is just the start of HP's re-examination of how they can re-capture a market soundly dominated (and deservedly so) by TI and Casio.

The HP 35s simply strikes the right chords. Sentimental, perhaps, but a long time coming. As for overall value, I'll go an extra mile (and $$) for RPN any day. The 35s comes with an excellent *printed* user's manual and a high-quality, padded, zippered case that allows you to use the calculator without removing it from the case...brilliant. The whole 35s package simply says "quality, with no compromises".

Keep up the good work, HP.

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