HP35s Vector Data Entry Bug?


I've gotten my 35s into a state where pressing:

g [] 2 f , 2 enter

yields SYNTAX ERROR with the cursor on the start of the second 2.

I can enter single-element vectors but absolutely no-go on 2D or 3D.

RPN, RAD, FIX 4 modes.

Has anybody else gotten here?


Someone posted that they had seen this on their 35s.

Following the procedure in the manual to reset the calculator (in an appendix I think) seemed to fix the problem.

Give it a try. Note that you will lose any programs and data...


I can't replicate the error on mine.
Others have mentioned vector problems.

I had the same problem once. The 35s didn't accept 2- or 3-dimensional vectors. It did accept 1-dimensional vectors however. The problem went away without resetting the machine. I don't recall doing anything harder than clearing the stack and entering/exiting program mode.

Surely unrelated, but the next day I saw a "LBL ;" at the top of the program catalog. I deleted a line "0001 RTN "(three zeros) I was not aware of, and the label went away. I tried re-entering the line, but the label didn't reappear.

Mysteries to be unveiled...



There does indeed seem to be a vector input bug. I just found that I can enter 1-D and 2-D vectors but 3-D vectors now give a syntax error. They had been working fine up until now.

The only way I've found to fix this is a full memory reset. I'm trying to figure out the circumstances that lead to this bug but so far no luck.


Mine originally worked. I just tried after reading your post and also got this SYNTAX ERROR. Clearing all variables helped.


I had this problem for a while. Clearing program memory set me straight.

I tried reentering my programs to try to reproduce it but it hasn't
come back.

I know it's a real bug. I had thought it might be related to having programs with literal vectors being built from stack elements (REGX, ..., REGT) in EQN statements but that intuition is not panning out. Unless it's that *and* something else.

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