First Impressions of the TI-nspire


Yesterday I walked into a grocery store in southern France, with my son. We immediately faced the school supplies row. The calculators for sale caught my eyes and I moved towards them looking for a graphing Casio with SD card reader. As I told my son what I was looking for, he interrupted me saying "Dad! I think you would want to look up!" There they were. The two TI nspire models!!! Without any hesitation my hands grabbed 2 units. I quickly learned that my son wanted one too!! I did mention to him a new version of the TI-89 Titanium on the shelf, but that seems moot with the TI-nspire at hand.

I opened the TI-nspire today and started playing with it. TI uhas implemented an unusual keyboard by adding small and elevated buttons to the regular set of buttons. The small buttons re keys to things like =, >, <, EE, the comma, and other operations. It's a document oriented machine and packs a lot of power. The statistical calculations alone are very impressive. As a regression junkie, I was more than impressed--they had all kinds of models you can fit and plus multiple regression. The machine saves the results to a structured variable. You can review the values later too. Moreover, it creates a function for you to use to project for teh dependent variable. They have a whole set of calculations for probability distribution functions, their cumulative values, and inverse values. The TI-nspire is meant to take NO PRISONERS!!

I was also able to write custom functions, one of which used program steps. Editing such a function is easy. The TI-snpire OS has a good diagnostic for detecting syntax errors.

I drew a graph and was able to use the navigation keys to select an area of the graph to zoom in on.

The math and calculus side is very impressive too, as expected. The CD that comes with teh machine has the documentation files that you need to work with the TI-nspire. The machine has a learning curve, given how much power it packs.

Is the TI-nspire superior to the HP-50g. Yes!! TI has put a lot of effort into the machine.

Well, I need to focus on my project at hand. I will play with the TI-snpire when I have some spare time.


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This TI calculator has my curiosity. Can it be had in USA? How does the grab and go feature work? Must one use a stylus?


To my knowledge will it show up TODAY.


1) What "new" TI-89 Titanium? Is it different from the US one?
2) Please pick me a TI-30XB Multiview in France.
3) I'm this week in Germany - just across the border. Where are you?


It was a very black TI-89. The original version was like that but I heard that TI has updated the ROM or firmware. You might know better.

The multiview 30XB is available in the USA at WAL-Mart. I bought one from there! Any special features for teh European versions?




According to the TI Website has the TI-30XB MV in France a fancy GREEN design. Please confirm...



I will look for it.


Not in France, but...

This looks green

And another



Yes I saw the green TI Multiview. I will get one for you.




Thanks, see you soon in San Diego.



I went back to the French supermarket today to look at the TI calculators. The had a bright-green colored Multiview. No red version. As for the TI-nspire CAS calculators, the shelf was EMPTY!! By contrast, the regular TI-nspire (no CAS support) seems have sold nothing (maybe one unit!).



Wow. If Namir is that impressed it must really be something. I wonder what the chance is of finding it on a shelf in the States. Hmm - Namir, can you come up with a probability distribution?


Is RPN/RPL available? If not, it's worthless to me.


For sure not!


TI does not support RPN. The programming language for the TI-nspire is BASIC-like.


Does TI even know how to spell RPN?


Sure! They had an RPN module or program for the TI-59.

TI feels that RPN is not mainstream and is directing its designs to produce calculators where the user can enter expressions in a manner that is similar to writing them on paper.



They they build calculator to the dumbest common denominator. Ok... I think I understand now. For some reason, this not sound like good marketing strategy.


As a regression junkie, I was more than impressed--they had all kinds of models you can fit and plus multiple regression.

How does it do on the Longley and Filip datasets at the NIST site?


I've ordered a CAS model from SchoolMart. Maybe we can compare notes at HHC2007. 8)


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