The people on this forum...


...are a great bunch of folks. Recently, I've purchased HP-41C/CV/CX stuff from several people I met here, namely Jerry Wright, Peter Khor, Aaron Goodman, and Tim Stephens. All of them were friendly and pleasant to deal with; all answered email promptly; all shipped the items as soon as they received my payments; and in each case, the items were in great shape and well-packaged for shipping. There may be untrustworthy people on the Internet, but they don't seem to hang out here. (Maybe a passion for HP calculators is one of the hallmarks of Good People. :-) Anyway, I highly recommend doing business with any of the aforementioned gentlemen.


I agree, Wayne. While I haven't dealt with any of those you mentioned, I have dealt with several others. I've had very good experiences in nearly every case. I congratulate Dave for running one of the most professional, helpful, cleanest, and respectable boards on the net. Thanx.


cheers! a toast to webmaster dave h!!!


Thanks for the comments! Of course, I can't take credit for the honesty and helpfulness of the people here. HP fans seem to be an agreeable bunch by nature.


Thanks for the compliment Wayne ;-)

At any rate, in my own experiences I've had nothing but pleasent experiences with fellow netters when it comes to HP calcs since '92 (okay, and a smattering of Casio's - my other 'love affair' as my wife would put it). I've had dealings that spaned Finland to Japan, Singapore to Auz - all without a hitch.

At any rate, kudos to David for the museum and the forum - it's a wonderful watering hole for all of us - if not an inspiration!

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