SHOW (= LeftShift ENTER)
shows "20000000000000" without "0." for a second (a little misleading)

shows "1.2000000000000" for a second

would be nice if contrary:
123.345675346246 (input)
123.345675346 (on stack)
should show: 345675346246


I don't recall seeing the decimal point displayed when "SHOW" is pressed in any of my RPN HP calculators, the 34C, 32SII, 48G/G+, 49G+, 33S, and now the 35s; so, I suppose it's intentional on the part of the old HP and now the new HP. I don't recall if this command is even available in the algebraics I have in my house, the 20S and 39G.


32sii SHOWs 1.20000000000


Dietmar --

No. SHOW displays the 12 digits of the mantissa, which start with the first non-zero digit -- not 12 decimal digits. Unless something is different about the HP-35s from the HP-32SII and HP-33s, 123.345675346246 can't be entered.

As for the decimal point, it seems that there was a simple rule for all mid-grade Pioneer models: SHOW will display the decimal point if possible; that is, if the mantissa is of a magnitude such that the actual value can be displayed without an exponent.

High-end Pioneer models can show the full 12-digit mantissa and exponent, so do not need to omit the decimal point with SHOW.

Spice-series, Voyager-series, and low-end Pioneers with their 7-segment LCD's do not show the decimal point with, respectively, MANT, CLEAR PREFIX, or SHOW.

The HP-41 didn't have the mantissa-displaying function.

-- KS

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You can enter that value, but only 12 digits will be maintained.


Hi, Gene --

You can enter (123.345675346246), but only 12 digits will be maintained.

Well, that's no good! Why the change from long-established sound practice? All of my HP's (even the KinHPo 33s) refuse extra mantissa digits; the mid-grade Pioneers even give a "!-inside-a-triangle annunciator.

The user should be able to trust that the calc is accepting the value entered unless indicated otherwise; it should never accept invalid input, then give an error message.

-- KS


The 35s now has the command line type of approach, as has been noted before.

That's why you can enter a number with fractional exponents, etc and it won't error out until it is parsed.

This is shown in the Datafile 35s review under the Quirks paragraph.

Similar thing with the RPL machines. It seems as if the command line of the 35s is similar in many ways to that found on the graphing machines.

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