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Samson Cables sent it on 16th July, it cleared customs on Saturday 28th. It arrived today, Monday 30th, safe and sound. They did a great job, at least for me.

S/N is CNA 72101997

Yes, this is the first HP35s in Croatia.

I am absolutely, positively, with no doubt, sure about this, because Hrast told me that he did not order one yet :)

Just imagine that feeling to be the first proud owner of the beautiful HP35s in the whole Republic of Croatia. I've done it! I am the first one forever! This should be written somewhere in golden letters!
Maybe, the Croatian evening TV news will have to say something about this, so I would certainly have to prepare myself for their interview.

If there exists somebody in Croatia (tourists do not count in) who can prove the opposite, we will be happy to acquaint yet another person interested in such gadgets.

IMHO, everything looks nice, except the serial number label on the back (slightly slanted). However, the LCD display is correctly aligned.

Now, start to RTFM ...


Now, go to work - I am expecting the comprehesive report on my desk in a few days :-)


Does this mean you wont need your HP67 any more Nenad?? :)


Hi Dave,

How nice to hear from you after a long time.

Unfortunately (or luckily) I would still need my HP67 (works flawlessly after your help), as well as my 11C, 12C, 15C, 21, 25, 28S, 32S, 32SII, 33E, 33C, 34C, 41CV, 41CX, 42S, 45, 48SX, 48G, 71B, as well as my wife's 720 and my 728. Unluckily, there are many of similar items that I need, though I don't have them (yet!).

It seems that the near future will bring me a 32E.

BTW, I have to send you an e-mail (IOU).

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