hp35S case


Hi all;
I have not got a look at the new 35S yet, and was curious as to what type of case hp supplied with it. Is it like the 33S or does it have a fold over top like the original leather case for the old 35?.
Glad to see a lot of members still here. I have been away on a job for the last four years. It was pretty much seven days a week, twelve hours a day. My account here was gone, and had to register again. I am Verrrrry glad to be home. I am going to take early retirement in January, will be working at home now till then, so I will be able to post now and again.
I am reading all of the posts about the 35S, some are pretty interesting, but no matter what, I will buy two anyway. I hope another 15C comes out in the future, I really miss it. Mine burned out a long time ago. Take care all for now, it was really good to see alot of the old names here.
Bill Drylie



but no matter what, I will buy two anyway

I'd rather buy one of these now and wait 12 months until they release HP-43s (HP-42 + SD card-reader + heaps of RAM) ;)



They are making 43s or this just speculation?


Pure speculation (and/or wishful thinking) at this time.



HP32s & HP32sII -> HP33s -> HP35s


HP42s -> HP43s -> HP45s

It would certainly be very nice to have the successor to the famous classic HP45 on your desk one day.

Just wishful thinking.


HP 45 is my favorite calculator. Only thing I no like is order of math operators. My mind programed to those, and switching between calculators goof me up.


Welcome back!

I never knew you, but I'm glad you're here again!

-- Antonio

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