Inputting HEX numbers on a 35S


Maybe I'm missing something simple here (hope so), but ..
How does one prompt for HEX numbers in a program with the 35S?

I want to write some programs to try and add some of the functionality of my 16C, but can't get this to work.

If I prompt for a number, then try to append BASE 6, I get INVALID DATA. Doesn't matter if I'm in HEX or DEC mode, it still errors.

I can't believe that the only way to do this is to have enter the number then BASE 6 everytime I need to work with a HEX number in a program...


Well, I tried it on mine, and you are right! You can't "program" the h, you've got to enter it with the number by using Base 6. Crappy!


Well, in the chance that maybe HP does read these forums, I have just one small request.

Please release a simulator of the next calculator before releasing the design to China so these problems can be fixed before mass production.

I don't think that in doing so HP jeopardizes any sales of its calculators because most all buyers of this type of product are not going to settle for running it on a PC, but people will point out the major flaws like this one in the firmware.

BASE problems like this one are deal-breakers for people like me.

I know there are going to be quite a few happy used HP sellers on EBay...

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