An HP addict?


Yes, the last thing I need is a new calculator, but I NEED the 35S for something to entertain me on long flights. My collection includes the following all in restored or as new condition:

- 3 hp 01 including one complete with inner and outer boxes in NOS condition
- 1 hp 35 in plastic container with manuals
- 1 hp 25c (my first HP caclulator for use)
- 4 hp 67, two in boxes complete, one of which is unused NOS.
- 1 hp 91
- 1 hp 97
- 1 hp 41c
- 1 hp 41cv (used at university as was the HP 41cx which explains the accessories)
- 1 hp 41cx with 2 printers, 1 floppy drive, one plotter, one wand
3 repaired card readers.
- 48g
- 48g+ and infared printer

The HP 25c was my first intro to HP and was used during my undergrad years. This was followed by the 41CV with stats, nav, and time modules with all the accessories used in a lab during my post grad. Went to the cx version as a professional.

The HP 01 is used in the office (cockpit) and I swap between my HP67, HP41cx, and HP48G+ in the office also depending on my retro mood. Also took the HP 97 with me once but it takes up alot of room in the flight bag!

The gist of this is, do I really need a new calculator? NO!, but I will be getting the HP35s to lay down beside the HP 35 and to get to know in the office.

For those of you that think the weight is to light I would suggest the following:

Go to the local 'fish bait and tackle shop' and pick up some lead. Form it into shape to fill the various voids in the calc case, there are a few there. Glue them in with silicon or some other adhesive. This will give the calc a 'critical mass' worthy of the older versions!


Cheers, Geoff

Edited: 28 July 2007, 2:07 p.m.

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