Finaly, the 35s arrived in Germany!


Today it came as a normal parcel. It was shipped from Spain? So there where no custom-taxe for me.

My first impression, because i had no time to play arround, is that someone who sayd that the blister is one of the best are completly right.

And it feels very good, i am finaly happy. I do not think that it is not havy enough. the weight, even of the older calculators, depends mainly on the batteries.

The serial Number is 72 10 20 10

Greetings from Germany

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Congrats! Have fun!




Where you've bought it from?. Here in Spain is no trace of the new calc.



Hallo Jürgen,

wie teuer war's insgesamt? (how much was it?)


Hallo Walter and Joan!

I ordered, as i told, at samson cable. with world wide express 52,99$ + 43$.

After a long cnversation via email the last mail from customer service was:


I do apologize for the time taken to ship your order. The usual two- to three-day shipment to us of our deliveries from HP manufacturing was delayed, so we were unable to ship as planned. Because your order was from the European Union, it additionally required us shipping the calculators to Europe, from where the shipment is actually made to you. (Using our partner in Spain, shipping from Europe avoids you paying customs taxes, avoids shipping and customs problems, and simplifies delivery for our products because the shipments originate from within the EU.) Our European office received their shipment of 35S calculators on the 23rd, the day we gave them your order.

Because our shipments are done through Spanish mail through our partner, we do not have a tracking number. We have forwarded tracking numbers in the past to a few customers, but our experience with European mail is that although the mail service is reliable, the tracking numbers give little information.



It really come from spain,

FZInformatica samson europa,
Llaudez No.1 Bajo,

so i have not payed any furher tax. But the shipping costs from spain was only 13,20 Euro (around 18 $) so i wonder how i will deal with the different amount i payed, (espacialy because it took 2 weeks not 2 days).

Has anyone an Idea?

Greetings Jürgen


Hi Jürgen,

I get exactly the same Email from Karren.
I ordered my 35s on the 07/15 ( 52.99$ + 43$ S/H).
But unfortunately until today I don't get my calculator.

If the shipping cost are only 18$ then I will not pay 43$ for S/H.

Get you an invoice with the german VAT ?

Greeting from Berlin



Hello Jürgen,

This is similar to the shipping method used by Amazon USA. All shipments to the European Union go to a partner in Germany which then distributes them into the EU. But custom taxes exist anyway, just they are processed/negotiated/payed in bulk by the European partner, instead of by each individual customer. I think that this is very convenient for us, as dealing with customs becomes easily a nightmare, at least in my experience. Also, some couriers can do it on behalf of the customer, but usually at very expensive prices.

So the custom taxes would not be included in the shipping cost from Spain, as they would have been paid before. I also received my two units in Madrid from the same company in Alicante, but not thru Spanish mail, but a local courier.

By the way, I could sell one of them to someone in the Madrid area. The price is the same I payed for it: 68 euro. Compare with which is accepting preorders at 95.95 euro. Use the forum mail if interested.

Best regards,


Hello Rafael,

did you buy those calculators from Samson Cables of
from F7informatica directly?. How many days went by
betwen payment and reception of the calcularors?.
BTW i live in Seville. Email me privately if you want.



Hi Eduardo,

I bought the 35s from Samson Cables, I had not heard of F7informatica before. I ordered on 15th, they charged my credit card on 16th, and I received the calculators on 26th. I think that this timing has been typical for European buyers. I paid for "world-wide exress 1-2 days", but my price per unit was not very bad because the shipping cost for two units didn't double, it was more like multiplying by 1.35.



Joan, Rafael and Eduardo

In Spain "Pont Reyes Informatica" is selling the HP35s for €73,08 (including VAT). Its package/box is for Spain and Portugal (it comes with two user's guides: one in Spanish and one in Portuguese). I have bought a HP35s there and also ordered one at Samson Cables for collecting purposes (which will come with the user's guide in English).




I cannot find any mention to the 35s in that website, could you give us a direct link? Also, they don't seem to sell online.



Their site is not updated but they sell the calculator. I was surprised because I already had ordered the HP35s at Samson Cables (an it seems that last week Pont Reyes Informatica already had it in stock...).

I will keep the "English edition" for collecting purposes.


Mine, ordered on 07/17 from Samson Cables, arrived Saturday. Serial number 7210 2337.



Got my 35s today! Ordered July 15th, paid $52.99 plus $35 shipping & taxes.

Good 32SII replacement, key haptics ist even better than on my Singapore Pioneer, no missed keystrokes, perfectly aligned LCD, STO as second function ist a design flaw. All in all, I love it thus far.


At Dynatech Germany one can order an 35s for 70 Euro (96 USD) plus 8 Euro (11 USD) UPS-shipment within Germany.

Search on the website for Taschenrechner / Hersteller / HP / 35s

Problem: item is listed as ready for shipment during fall 2007 !!


Well, in the end, the SC deal was not too bad. The 35s arrived sooner than expected so why would anyone pay more? As much as I'm enthusiastic about the new machine, I'm not sure if I would have paid more than what I actually did.

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