Emu28 MRU setup


Configuration of the MRU (Most Recently Used) file list in Emu28 v1.15.

By default Emu28 is using maximum 4 MRU files. This behavior can be changed from disabling the MRU list to the number of lines limited by your current desktop resolution.

To change this

  1. close all Emu28 sessions
  2. open the file Emu28.ini in your windows directory
  3. goto the [MRU] section inside the ini file
  4. change the number of the "FileCount=4" setting
  5. save the ini file
  6. restart Emu28 now using the new settings

Valid settings for "FileCount":

<0 = forbidden

0 = disable MRU list

>0 = maximum number of MRU entries in the "File" menu.

The MRU file list is saved in the MRU section of the ini file as "File1=", "File2=", ... When decreasing the number of MRU entries you should manually delete the become redundant "FileX=" lines.

Don't be sad, all other of my emulators will get the MRU file list also.




Thanks for EMU 28/42/48. Will we ever see a non-Windows version? Linux or Mac perhaps?


They all run fine under WINE. The Crossover flavor, at least. Since there's a version of Emu48 that compiles under gcc (MINGW?), I assume it's mainly UI code that would have to change. It's GPL, too..



That solves 1/2 of my problem (other half is non-x86).



Thanks for EMU 28/42/48. Will we ever see a non-Windows version? Linux or Mac perhaps?

Sorry, definitely not. On business also in private I don't have connections or installed any Unix based operating systems any more.

Over 10 years ago in 1995 I installed Linux, because I wanted to use x48, the only existing free and working HP48 emulator at this time. But everything changed in 1997, Emu48 was getting free under the GPL and the forthcoming OS in business for office and control applications was NT4.0. The dice had been fallen.



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