How do I clean a 41CX display?


My very nice fullnut 41CX has dust on the display behind the glass. What is the best way to clean this? This 41CX is nearly flawless (just a bit of wear on the feet), so I want to be careful.



i think you should be able to un-solder the - about a dozen or so - contacts and lift out the lcd to access the back of the screen on a fullnut. i'm not sure if it will automatically got back in straight. if that sounds excessive then you could wait till the 22nd century and have the dust transported out.


Egan, I once read a thread where someone sugested to use an airblower on the side of the glass panel, I think just from the top.

I used that technique once with success, it blows the dust 'away', meaning out of sight. The thread also mentioned to be very careful to not have the air-can upside down as then liquid can seep under the display and that wont go away so quickly.

Maybe I can find the thread or info again and then I will repost it, but I know I have cleared a couple of full-nut(!) displays from dust (afair, this does not work for halve-nuts)





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