HP Pioneers Time Travelling!!!


I was watching a program in the Science Channel the other day about time travel. I heard a comment from a prominent physicist that the law of physics that include time as a variable never state that time must move forward. We just take it for granted based on experience.

Well HP has Invented (true to their motto) time traveling and I have the proof. If you look at certain HP-32s calculators being sold on eBay you see that they have the 50th Anniversary. The new HP-35s (which came a few years after the HP-32s) celebrates 35 years!!! Oh my!! What happened? Something has set the time clock backward!!

I contacted my friend and confidant Carlos Mencia (who has a PHD in physics from New Mexico State University) and asked him what he thought. He said "Dee dee dee!! It's time travel hombre!! HP has done it!". Now I am a believer!




I believe the 32Sii calcs are genuine,
they celebrate HP's 50th anniversary,
not 50 years of HP calculators.
You might want to snap one up (if you are a collector).


dona nobis pacem



I was aware of the difference between what each anniversary meant. I was in a silly mood and I thought it was funny when one looks at an older machine celebrating 50 years and the new one celebrating 35 years (and deliberately ignoring the actual occasion being celebrated) .



My humor is often missed by others too!

A few years back I had a cow-orker that owned
a 50 Anniversary calculator. He wouldn't let me
touch it, much less, buy it from him.


dona nobis pacem

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