Will we see a vibrant exchange of 35s programs?


I have noticed in the MoHPC software library we find precious few 33S contributions. This is not surprising--with the "hard cap" on storage registers and labels, it makes it hard to write really powerful programs of much complexity, even though one would think the speed of the 33S would encourage programming. I have one routine that computes the incomplete gamma function on the 33S in about a second or less. The same routine on the 42S is somewhat slower, the 41CV version is slower yet, and the 11C/15C version can take the better part of a minute for typical arguments.

I hope that the 35S will open up new vistas for RPN programming, with its 800+ registers and XEQ and GTO by line address and not just alpha labels. The programming environment isn't nearly as comprehensive and flexible as that of the 41 series or 42S, but the calculator is still a lot faster than its forebears (even if it is slower at times than the maligned 33S), and this I think should inspire a flurry of interest in porting routines from 41 series, 42S, 65, 67/97, the Spice series, etc., as well as creation of new ones.

The one drawback is the lack of I/O, and I can see that most will not want to key in a 500 step program. That said, there is a lot one can do in smaller programs--Gerson's recent cosine and tangent routine is an example of a tight fast program that is well suited to the 33S (and 35S too).

When I get my 35S, I will start the ball rolling. I have already pledged to Dave Hicks that I will contribute programs to compute the incomplete beta and gamma functions and well known special cases of these (like the error function, cumulative normal distribution, t distribution, F distribution, and chisquare distribution). I do have 33S versions of these but they gobble up almost all of the labels. I have in essence ported the routines from Numerical Recipes, and my work is therefore a little different from those offered by JM Baillard in the HP41 Software Library, though I give JM considerable credit for inspiring me to program the special functions in RPN, UserRPL, and SysRPL.

Is anyone else working on something with their 35S that they would like to share, either here, in an article, or in the Software Library?


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... what about a kinda HP35 KeySet TTF? The HP33S LCD TTF seems to have the same LCD characters in the HP35S (are both LCD's the same?), but having a new TTF that matches the HP35S keyboard resources might help. Although I'm somehow far from having a blip of a chance to get one (no news at all where I am), the already existing pictures are enough to gide me through.

Any ideas?


Luiz (Brazil, about to be back more often...)

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was used for the learning modules and manual.

Mostly, it is the same as the 33s font. There are only a few new keys/functions.

I'll see if it can be made public.



I'm working on a subnet calculator, part of an early version of which I published here. I was thinking of submitting an article about it to Datafile, but the code could live here.



I too hope we have a real influx of great programs, ports of old programs and so on. When I get some time, I will try to put some stuff together. If there is anything else we can do to evangelize the programs for this unit, count me in! ;-)



Hi, Les --

I have noticed in the MoHPC software library we find precious few 33S contributions...

I hope that the 35S will open up new vistas for RPN programming,

Well, I certainly plan to port my "Two-bus AC Power Transfer" program to the HP-35s, after I get one. I have posted four versions of the program to date, each one tailored respectively to the HP-32S, HP-32SII, and HP-33s (RPN mode and ALG mode):


Porting the program will be an interesting exercise, because the HP-35s handles complex numbers in a manner different from that of the three predecessor models.

-- KS

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