Any idea as to an HP 35s source in Toronto, Canada


or Vancouver?

Cheers, Geoff



I have gotten other HPs from Larry at He is in Oakville. He tells me he will get the 35S in stock. He is not bargain cheap, but will certainly be cheaper than the Canadian MSRP. Tell him I sent you.

York University Bookstore is on as the official Canadian reseller of all HP models. But they are obscenely expensive. When they get the 35S, they will no doubt be overpriced.

I was impatient and ordered one from Samson Cables. Despite the grievances in the group mine seemed to leave the US in a timely fashion. I splurged on express mailing and am paying $77US, or about $83CDN. I expect the CBSA to assess another $16CDN--$8 for their admin fee, $8 for the 14% GST/PST on the original $52US purchase. So just under $100CDN, or $90US. A lot more than our American friends are paying, but less than those in Europe. Considering that the HP65 was about $800US in 1974 money, I still think this is a bargain if it is good as people say it is.

North York

p.s. please look me up if you ever want to meet in person. I am on the lookout for HP lovers in the GTA. Also, you should know that the eminent Namir Shammas, a sort of legend in these circles, has family in Burlington and we hope to meet one day when he is next up from VA.

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Many thanks for the info. I actually live in White Rock south of Vancouver. I was going to be in Toronto on Monday during the day while staying at the Westin Harbour Castle Inn and thought it would be a good day for a walk to a local retailer.

I know what you mean, the UBC bookstore will no doubt triple the value also so I might be relegated to the web for mine.

Current collection includes:


Four HP 67, two in boxes with original papers etc and one NOS in box. All have been repaired in house for gummy wheels including the NOS!

One HP 97 restored

One HP 91 restored

HP 41C, CV, CX with plotter, printer, wand, floppy drive and 3 card readers also with gummy wheel problem corrected.

HP 48g and g+ which I currently use with a 67 as back up and of course

Three HP 01 including one in NOS condition with inner and outer box, pen and papers.

Cheers, Geoff

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