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Well, if you get it tomorrow, then maybe you'll feel better. Mine, shipped from Samson Friday evening, was last noted by UPS as being in Idaho on Saturday morning, and is due to arrive here in Connecticut this coming Friday (FRIDAY! WHAT ARE THEY DOING, DRIVING IT HERE ON A TRUCK? Oh yeah, UPS ground...). Ah well, I'm glad I can be patient about this -- if I'd been more emotionally invested in getting it NOW NOW NOW I'd be climbing the walls like the rest of the posters who ordered from Samson.

Nonetheless, this may not be "The Final Insult". There could be lots more insults pending! So cheer up! ;)


The same happens to me one hour ago.

I ordered my 35s on the 07/15 with the UPS World Wide Express 1-2days (43$)option and now 2 - 4 weeks ???

Andreas Haack, Germany



For he who can wait, everything comes in time.
(François Rabelais, around 1530) :-)

Greetings, Max

NB: I will be happy enough if I get my hp-46 repaired before the 35s will be regularly awailable in Europe...


I think it will become a bit more difficult at customs! I think good coming from US needs to be cleared based on a proforma invoice! Normally customs ask the 'courier service' to declare the goods. Percentage to be paid on value!

Can anybody that receives the 35S let us know the complete story?


Hallo Matt!

I´ve got the same mail! And i am angry.

That is last *%#!ed shop. And i hope it is really only a mistake in the Mail and not in the shipping.

In any way i will not buy any thing at Samson Cable in the future.

Let us hope and pray (4 weeks grrrrr)



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This may further infuriate those awaiting the Samson Cables ordered 35s machines:


Note that the ad says

- QUANTITY: 37 Available

- It is a "BUY NOW" auction

-- Only by scrolling to the bottom, and reading the information do you learn that they won't ship until the TWENTY-SEVENTH of August!!

Granted, they HAVE maintained a presence despite the recent years of RPN-drought.

Still, kinda frustrating.



They no doubt are selling 50 or so pieces of air that they expect the manufacturer to make good on by next month. Sleazy.



I'm not defending Samson Cables deceptive practices, but the ebay ad says it ships 7/27, that's July, not August.


That does make a difference! Instead of thinking that they are selling air, I'm back to my former opinion that they are just making a hash out of a supply problem from HP. Adding the insult of incorrect shipping to the injury of not shipping when promised just isn't smart business. The latter might be excusable, depending on the circumstances. But the former looks to me like an entirely optional dig under the fingernails of already annoyed customers.

On the bright side, we can hope these supply problems are caused by unexpected heavy demand. I don't know that they are. It could be a problem ramping up the pipeline to predicted volumes. But if customers are beating down retailers doors, then I'd say the features that make the 35S unique, like the styling and build quality, may become benchmarks for future calculators from HP. Nice thought.



FYI: I have received my HP35s, ordered on July 15th. (=$52.99) Shipping was USPS (=$20.00). Later I received a mail from Samson cables, stating charges to Europe were higher, but included all customs taxes. "$35.00  Standard mail, 2-4 week delivery" was chosen and an additional $15.00 paid.

Total costs were $87.99 - about 63.65€. Total delay in delivery was 8 working days.

"All good things come to those who wait".




I have been fortunate.

Tracking on the usps website indicates that my parcel left O'Hare yesterday and is now in Canada. I should see it in a couple of days.

Apart from the initial shipment delay I haven't been too disappointed with Samson so far.

I wonder what's up?



So far, a good experience. I received my two 35s calculators today, here in Canada:

CNA 72102361
CNA 72102362

Bought at Samson Cables, the 15th july at $52.99 each (thank you Les, for tip).

My credit card was charged the 20th. I received a message from Samson the 21th, telling that the calculators had been shipped and I could track it, thanks to the code they gave me. My wife received the parcel today in the morning. One calculator is for me, the other is for my 12-year old daughter.

Now I am up to Gene's challenge...




Miguel, did you have to pay any taxes or fees to claim them?

I am expecting that, at worst, I will have to fork over another $13 to $16CDN to claim mine. I am in Ontario, so that means 14% GST/PST on the CDN value (works out to about $8CDN), plus the infernal admin fee ($5 or $8 depending on the situation).

What about you?


P.S. you can use USPS tracking numbers to track parcel movement in Canada at Canadapost.ca--to my great pleasure they seem to use the same codes. My parcel is in town, having cleared customs, and I expect it tomorrow.


Hi Les,

To my surprise, I paid none. My wife even ask the postman and he told her there were nothing else to pay (??!!). That made me happier, of course.

I hope it will be the same for you. Please tell, when you get yours.


Miguel, I got mine, but barely!

I have been tracking it very closely at Canadapost.ca. Delivery was attempted today. But I was home all day! No delivery attempt card left today.

The post office had it, but I had to do some fast talking and present my driver's license as proof.

You see, in my excitement I had mistyped my address in the Samson order form. The attempted delivery was to the neighbour at 32. I am at 22!

And, sadly, Canada Customs too another $15.75CDN. Just about what I guessed they would!



So, We Quebequers have some privileges...



Hello Les,

From USPS Track & Confirm page:

Status: Arrived Abroad

Your item arrived in BRAZIL at 3:59 AM on July 25, 2007.
Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check
again later.

I just hope it doesn't get stuck at Customs. The 60% tax ought to be enough!

I ordered it on the 15th but I was never impatient about the delay. I will be impatient if it takes too much time to run program though :-)



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