Where to find Optical Physics and laser dynamics/properties formulas for the 50G


Hi all,

So I have a 50G and it looks and feels really nice.

I am now trying to find some programs related to microscopy, etc for it before I take the time to write my own.

I have looked through the hpcalc.org stuff and 1) I haven't found much specific to this area of physics (yet) and 2) much of the stuff seems to have been written for much older calcs and I am not enough of a guru in the programming area to be able to tell which ones will run on the 50G.

So if anyone knows of a place that specialized in optical physics, etc. I would really appreciate knowing about it.




I have found that over the years, most programs or equations available, free or otherwise, are for engineering, surveying, and to a smaller extent, finance.

If you want ones more quickly and directly applicable to physics or chemistry, you may have to open your textbook or journal article and key it in yourself.

I needed a program to calculate Miller indices and a formula to quickly convert between eV and nm or angstroms and had to write or input them myself in both the 33S, 48G/G+, and 49G+. Fortunately, in the case of these five calculators, there is either a built in or downloaded constants library I could use to ease the writing.

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