What Calculator Do You Think PC Uses in that Mac Commercial


It is one of the familiar series--nerdy and anal-retentive PC shown up yet again by hip and relaxed Mac.

In the one in question, there is a flashback to the characters as kids. Young Mac wants to show Young PC a picture he produced. PC produces a calculator "to calculate how much time you've wasted."

The gag is reproduced be adult Mac and PC at the end of the commercial.

I wonder what calculator PC would use?



As kids:

PC user: That's an easy one. It will most likely be a Novus 650 with low batteries. This one probably even has an A20 gate.

The Mac user will use - without doubt - a Sharp EL-8130. (Talk about round elements, brushed aluminium design and a keyless keyboard.)

As adults:

PC user: Windows calculator, using Win 3.11 skin

Mac user: iPhone calculator, not using any keys (still)

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