HP-35s (Samson Cables does NOT have them)


"The scheduled shipment from HP manufacturing of our order of 35S
calculators has been delayed for arrival until tomorrow. Your order
will then ship. Regards, Karren Customer Support Samson Cables"

Translation: Samson Cables does NOT have ANY 35S calculators.

When I purchased a 35S from Samson Cables (on 15 July), the website clearly stated that the 35S would ship on July 17th.

Currently (19 July), Samson Cables' website STILL states the 35S will ship on July 17th. On top of that, the web site currently states that the 35S is "now available" and "shipping now".

Their email (quoted above) reveals that NONE of these statements are true.

Internet resellers who do engage in this type of behavior.....

Earlier today I emailed Samson Cables requesting they correct these false statements. So far, they've ignored my inquiries.

In light of the above, IMHO this company has NO credibility when it says it will ship the 35S tomorrow.



It's mentioned here, too


In the UK we have laws against false advertising. What about you guys on the other side of 'the pond'?
I'm also more than a little angry that they have already taken payment for the non-existent item.
I will not, under any circumstances, be dealing with them again.


Before I beat up a smaller vendor too badly, I'd like to mention my experience with buy.com.

When I purchased my 50g, the site said it was in stock. A week after the original shipping date had passed, I called customer service and was assured it would ship within the next two days. I was tired of waiting, so I decided to go online and cancel my order and buy elsewhere.

The site responded with a statment to the effect: Your cancelation REQUEST is being processed... we will notify you if your order is canceled.

This didn't sound right, so I contacted my bank and completely closed my charge card. The bank issued me a new one.

About 4 days later, the calculator shipped and the charge still processed through my bank.

I later went back to buy.com and read the fine print. Their policies are clear, and it's my fault for not being an informed buyer. No matter how good a deal they offer, I don't believe I'll ever do business with them again.

I wonder if Samson Cables would be willing to offer refunds for calculator orders that have not been filled? How is their customer service?

Very Respectfully,


I ordered mine from Buy.com on Tuesday at 11:30 p.m.
On Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., I got an e-mail from them stating that my order had been shipped!


Even though I'm biting my nails I couldn't turn down free shipping, so it's not due to get here until next week.

- Alex


And HP said mine would ship on Tuesday, but didn't ship until today (Thursday).

Regarding Samson cables, they can't help it if they have not received their shipment. Perhaps their website SHOULD have said something like "expected to ship on July 17."

It's not worth getting worked up over <double dangling preposition notwithstanding>.

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I completely agree with you.
But I still think it's a bit cheeky to take payment before they have the goods.
*When* the calculator arrives, I will probably be so happy that this minor inconvenience will quickly become a distant memory.

I just wonder how long we'll have to wait until the next new HP calculator release. Then we can go through this again :P


For what its worth, I've usually had good results with Samson. I've bought things from them in the past and they are generally up front and honest. I suspect this caught them off-guard too, but that's no excuse for leaving up incorrect information. I'd suggest giving them another day to pull their act together before coming to any conclusions.

MobilePlanet.uk.com is one of my "secret" sites. They tend to have stuff you can't get elsewhere. For example, that's how I ultimately got a HP-40gs (not sold in the USA). However, they are NOTORIOUS for posting dates and inventory volumes that are completely bunk. After placing my order, and promising next-day shipping, it took almost daily pestering over a course of more than a month to finally get my calc. Granted, they did credit me the shipping costs, and I honestly would have waited longer just to get it :-), but it still left a sour taste in my mouth.

That all being said, keep in mind that even HP's site has wrong information on it right now. They should also clean up their act. In this day and age, there's no excuse for not knowing exactly how many pieces you have in stock, when it moves from place to place, etc.

Oh, and finally, I *totally* agree about Buy.com. Good prices, great deals at times, but a really, really horrible company to deal with if ANYTHING goes wrong. They've lost me a couple of times. Unfortunately, I keep coming back like an addict ;-), mainly when they have super deals, but I really dislike that company. I can't recommend them to anyone.


Edited: 19 July 2007, 6:19 p.m.


My experiences with buy.com have been pretty good. The stuff I have ordered has come when they said and malfunctioning stuff has been easily replaced.

Also, my experience with HP regarding the 35s has been as stated here earlier: I ordered it on the 15th, they did not have it on the 17th, but did get them on the 18th, and mine was shipped (or reportedly shipped) today, the 19th.

Martin Cohen


It seems that you were correct in doubting their credibility to ship on the 19th.
This page
"New! Just released by HP! Begins shipping 7/23/07 (Sorry for the dissapointment to those that have already ordered. Our first shipment from HP manufacturing was delayed.)"

If they don't have them, what do these invoice entries mean:

Invoice Date:     07/15/2007
Order Status: 07/15/2007 Order received, 07/16/2007 Credit card charged, Shipped
Ship Method: US International Air Mail (2-4 weeks)
Payment Method: CreditCard
Payment Status: PAID IN FULL
Shipping Status: SHIPPED

(this is from the current order status!)

Edited: 20 July 2007, 5:00 a.m.


Can you say, "computer boilerplate"? It is no different from those Windoze error messages. Merely text that gets parsed--no "intelligence" in it.


Give them a break already. It is a 1st issue, and they are probably getting bad info from the manufacturer.


"Shipping on the 23rd" is not the same as "Will Ship On July 17th."

They didn't learn their lesson yet as they should be saying “July 23rd expected shipping date"

Why not just call and cancel/refund the order and re-order from somewhere else like buy dot com... $10.00 buck less expensive and free shipping.

The bottom line is "Will ship On July 17th” is a commitment and they failed to keep it.


...because they have shipped them to my address.

"The scheduled shipment from HP manufacturing of our order of 35S
calculators has been delayed for arrival until tomorrow. Your order
will then ship. Regards, Karren Customer Support Samson Cables"

Translation: Samson Cables does NOT have ANY 35S calculators.

Maybe I am wrong, but a few hours after my (polite) enquiry I have obtained the same e-mail from Karren. Thought this was the end of the communication, but after another few hours they sent me another e-mail with the tracking number. Obviously, something positive is happening. I feel satisfied with their response.


I hav insist after the last answer and got the following answer:


We did not intend to be misleading. Last Thursday, when we heard the 35S was in stock, we submitted a PO to HP manufacturing for the 35S. It takes two days to arrive to us once shipped. We planned on our shipment arriving Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. For some reason they held our PO until this Wednesday. I can only guess they had much to do for this roll-out. I'm sorry for the delay. Your order will ship on Friday, Monday at the latest.




Same thing happened to me. I am told mine will ship tomorrow.



I checked the USPS tracking number Samson sent me and it looks like yes indeed the parcel did ship from Salt Lake City yesterday.


Edited: 22 July 2007, 10:46 p.m. after one or more responses were posted


Well it's nice to hear that some people are getting their tracking numbers :)

I'm still waiting, even after being told...

"The scheduled shipment from HP manufacturing of our order of 35S
calculators has been delayed. Your order will then ship Friday the 20th.
Sorry for any inconvenience."

Ho-hum <twiddles thumbs>


And USPS just sent me email confirmation (that I signed up for) that the parcel has shipped.



USPS tracking tells me the parcel left the US yesterday :) If Canada Customs doesn't fart around with it too much I should get it Thursday or Friday!



In light of the above, IMHO this company has NO credibility when it says it will ship the 35S tomorrow.


Neither does HP...

You all are too much in a hurry to get this new marvel (if ever it is). HP ain't what you used to deal with: all engineers are gone (compared to the past) and it's now driven by traders, like all other major US corporations.

[no flame intended]

Don't expect they deliver on schedule. I'm quite sure they will store all back-orders and then launch production.

Remember that, when ordering manufacturing to a Chinese or Taiwanese factory, you won't get even a unique copy of your product if your forecast were wrong. So the best way to get it right is to know the number of orders BEFORE manufcturing the product.


Sorry, Oliver, I got my HP35s within a day of the originally promised delivery date by HP. And so did many others, judging from the forum.


I didn't place my order (at HP) until Friday the 20th - I had a tracking number within two hours - and it had crossed several state lines within 24 hours. I have an estimated date to receive it of the 24th.

I think that they probably just had some initial problems getting the new item rolled out.


In light of the above, IMHO this company has NO credibility when it says it will ship the 35S tomorrow.


To make matters worse, they continue to flat-out lie about delivery.

In my case, I ordered and paid in full days before the"Will Ship On July 17th" date.
I found out that they weren't shipping on-time from reading the posts here

I contacted Sampson and was told by Karren that they will ship on the 18th, one day late.(No panic here)

The next day I contacted them again and was told they will most defiantly ship on the 19th with zero chance of delay. (Getting a bit annoyed)

I then contacted them on the 20th and asked for the tracking number.
I was told they did ship they would email me the tracking number in a few minutes. (OK, no big deal. They are on their way)
This never happened and they closed up shop for the weekend.

Now it's the 22nd and I was told they have not shipped yet, but will ship sometime later today, this time they really mean it.(Back to being quite annoyed)

The only reason I'm no too concerned is I do belive that someday they will actually ship them.
This and the fact that after I read a post here about buydotcom selling them for $10.00 less, I ordered two from there and they already arrived.

Edited: 23 July 2007, 6:12 p.m.


I hate I have to agree fully. I ordered on 7/15 for 52.99 + 20.00 for s/h. Got an order confirmation the same day (fine!). Got an e-mail next day due to a typo in my cc-data (ok, my fault!), which I corrected the same day. My order status didn't change, so I contacted SC on 7/18, asking what's the reason. Got an e-mail from Karren next day: "The scheduled shipment from HP manufacturing of our order of 35S calculators has been delayed for arrival until tomorrow. Your order will ship once we receive them." Nothing happened on 7/20 (feeling a bit annoyed). Today, I was getting another e-mail from Karren: "You need to pay at least $15.00 more for shipping." Where am I? Is this a bunch of amateurs doing their first business?


Hallo Walter,

ordered the same day as you did but got the mail about the missing VAT right next day. So, used their form to transmit it via Visa in good faith. Yesterday, I got another two mails after inquiring. Karren asked if the difference in shipping costs could be charged from my card. Argh! Of course, the item haven't been shipped in opposite to what was stated in the order status. Anyway, yesterday I asked to check if the $15 have been charged already and if not to charge the card now. No answer. I have no clue when the 35s will actually be shipped :-(.



Hallo Thomas, you've got mail.


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Now Samson Cables are ignoring my emails.
I'm quite sure they get lots of mail these days...

It is certainly no scam.



I'm quite sure they get lots of mail these days...

It is certainly no scam.

It may not be a scam, but their integrity is down the tubes as far as I'm concerned.
I can only hope others will search and find this message trail before thinking of purchasing anything from Samson / HPcalculators(.)com

For the record, I ordered on July 13th, and today is July 24th...my units from Samson still have not even shipped yet.(Now I'm well beyond annoyed)

I can understand delays in shipping, but this is now plain old-fashioned incompetence and terrible customer service.

I'm also sure they get a lot of mail, people thinking they are getting ripped-off usually don't like it.


Do you really think they get so many as to justify ignoring pre-paying customers they promised something then fell through of their own fault?

Edited: 24 July 2007, 11:09 a.m.



Well this is just a big scam really.
Now Samson Cables are ignoring my emails.
I was told my calc would ship Friday. Another lie.
I think they're a bunch of crooks.

On second thought, it is a scam and heres why.

I contacted Samson three days after the supposed ship date (20th).
I asked them to cancel my order because they failed to keep their delivery date and other vendors were shipping from stock.
Karren told me "no worries, I am shipping it as we speak and you will have it in two days" (I paid extra for UPS 2nd Day)

This order has yet to even ship.
This is what I consider the definition of a scam to keep people from cancelling their orders to buy elsewhere.

I'm not impatient, I just don't like someone taking my money lying to me.



I have no interest in this (HP35s are not generally available in Canada yet, and I can wait until they are), but I would suggest to all who have paid Samson Cables by credit card to immediately get in touch with their credit card company and cancel their order. You all have valid reasons for cancellation, from being promised shipment that never happened, to being treated unfairly. Calling the credit card company and having a bunch of cancelled orders will certainly get the message across to Samson a lot more forcefully.



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I know this isn't a complaint board to vent on fraudulent HP Authorized Dealers, but I do have one last comment on this rip-off that hpcalculator(.)com / Samson is perpetrating.
I say this because I wish the information found in this thread was available before I made my purchase (Of course, then there would have been no purchase.)

UPS is saying that this company is using their services in violation of stated agreements. What they are doing is filling out on-line shipping requests to obtain tracking numbers but not asking for pick-ups.
This way they can send the “buyers” a tracking number but not ship anything.
UPS is aware of this and is investigating.

Now, back to talking about HP,RPN, RPL, Hexadecimal Math and other, better things to think about…..



It may be difficult going through Samson, in fact, it I can almost guarantee that it will probably be impossible.

However, if you have paid by credit card, the credit card company will reverse the charges, and you will get a refund. The credit card company and Samson then work things out on their own. Most credit card companies take a very dim view of the tactics that Samson is employing, and will go out of their way to help their credit card holders.


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