Has anyone received their HP-35s from the HP S&MB site?


I know there was a handful of us who used that unpublished link on the HP Small & Medium Business site to order the HP-35s. I'm wondering if anyone has received theirs yet?

My order status shows that there is stock available and allocated to me, and that the ship date is 17-Jul, with an expected delivery date of 18-Jul (today). That all being said, there was no tracking information there, and I have heard nothing from either HP, FedEx or my wife. ;-)

So, anyone??



Same here. The order status doesn't show any shipping information either.

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On Sunday (15 July 07) I ordered TWO HP-35s with next day delivery. I ordered one (1) from HP's S&MB site. I ordered one (1) from Samson Cables. As of 4:50pm EST (18 July 07), neither website has confirmed shipment and neither HP-35s has been delivered to me in Atlanta, GA. I suspect the HP-35s really were not ready for shipment on 17 July as advertised..... :-(


I ordered a couple from Samson Cables (via UPS ground, since I am patient/cheap), and, while I don't have a tracking number, the Order Status page cites the calc as "shipped".

Alas, I am in Connecticut, on the other side of the country from Utah, so I don't expect it tomorrow, either.


I also ordered one from Samson Cables.
My order status says '07/15/2007 Order received, 07/16/2007 Credit card charged, Shipped'
I opted for UPS Worldwide Express 1-2 days.
I'm in the UK, so hopefully sometime tomorrow...:D



I also have the same informations, shipping 16.7., UPS 1 to 2 days, but I hope today it will be here in Germany.




...did you receive your parcel?

What about the overall costs including taxes, shipping to germany/europe and so on? How long did you wait for it?

Due to the currency rates $/€ im planning to order mine, too.

Best regards

Christian from Hamburg


Ordered a HP35s. Received a mail from Samson cables, stating shipping costs to Europe:

Europe (EU)--Charges include all customs taxes (VAT)

Your order will be shipped from Europe.

El costo del envío incluye todos impuestos de la aduana (IVA).

Le coût d'expédition inclut tous impôts de douanes (TVA).

Il costo di spedizione include tutta le tasse di dogana (l'imposta sul valore aggiunto).

$35.00 Standard mail, 2-4 week delivery (+ $15 each additional item)

$45.00 Expedited mail, 2-3 day delivery (+ $10 each additional item)

Please include phone number. This is required by international mail carriers.

Adding these to the basic price of a HP35s ($59.99),
the total cost becomes $94.99 (standard mail, 69€) or $104.99 (expedited mail, 76€).

Don't be angry if I have my numbers wrong; I have to make do with a Casio until the 35s arrives :)




I paid $52.99 for the HP35S.
Shipping was $43.00 UPS World-Wide Express (1-2 Days)
So $95.99 works out at about 47 GBP. Cheaper than the 60 GBP plus postage that UK retailers will charge.
As of now, 4pm, I'm still waiting. :(


Just had this from their customer support.
"The scheduled shipment from HP manufacturing of our order of 35S
calculators has been delayed for arrival until tomorrow. Your order will
then ship."

So much for my order status as showing 'shipped' >:(

Looks like next week at the earliest for some of us...


Hi Matt!

I´ve got the same answer.

Let us see what happend tomorrow. As i told before : I do not like to wait.



Got the same mail today. Orderd my 35s last Sunday and was complaining because shipping status didn't change. So now we can play cards in the meantime :)


I got contradicting info from HP SO/B. The invoice said ordered 7/13 with delivery on 7/18. But when I click on Line Item Detail it says Shipment on 7/18 with delivery on 7/23. I suspect it will ship out today, and therefore should have some tracking info shortly.



Same here -- order line item says "Qty Order: 1 ; Qty Allocated: 1 ; CTO Shippable: 0". The overall order says "Ship Complete: No".

The day before yesterday, it said "Qty Backordered: 1". Now it's 0. That's some progress! ;)

So I guess we'll all just have to be patient. Somehow!


Update for those interested:

I still saw no movement on the S&MB site, so I called a flunkie. He couldn't tell me why these haven't shipped yet, but he DID confirm that mine (at least) has not shipped yet. He sent an email to the warehouse to get an exact ship date, but no response yet.

He "felt" that the order would ship out in the next 1-2 days, and that I would receive it shortly after that.

For ordering DIRECTLY from HP, this pretty much sucks. ;-) Next time, I'm going to bypass and get it from Wal-Mart...



I suspect that HP's emphasis is on getting units out to their channel. The fact that the prices on HP's website are always close to or equal to list also implies that they value their dealers and don't want to undercut them.

I ordered one 35S from Wal Mart with next day shipping. The expected arrival date was tomorrow or Friday, depending on processing time. I also ordered one direct from HP shortly after the news that you could do that hit on this forum. I'm pretty sure the Wal Mart order will show up first.

I didn't order direct because I wanted to get the machine quickly. I ordered direct from HP to "vote with my wallet" approving the direction they took with this calculator. I ordered from Wal Mart to get the best deal I could find on Tuesday, and to get the calc as quickly as possible.



I ordered Tuesday. It shipped out of Indianapolis a few minutes
after midnight this morning.

The invoice page says it hasn't shipped but I clicked on the Tracking
link at the bottom and it gave me a pop-up with a tracking number.


Got three in this morning 8:00 am:
Serial numbers:

CNA72103897, and

I assume the date convention for production in the 21st week of 2007 still holds?? or has that been dissolved since the Chinese took over production?

Couple of comments:
1. DONT press on the LCD... it is quite sensitive and becomes BLACK easily and takes several (8-10) seconds to recover from bruising in response to normal forces (no pun intended).

2. Not sure why the R/S and Stat key keep moving around so much with the 32s-42s-35s progression...

3. I was trying to read the manual while driving to work.. also not a good idea. It is certainly longer than any recent manuals.. we'll see in the next few days if they managed to get both quality and quantity in to the binding. (sorry, no spirals, just perfect bound).

4. Case is bulky.. I stuffed the 35s immediately into one of the Pioneer leather cases from the 90's.. much better fit without the cheesy PDA feel. With the vintage flap-top leather case it FEELS like an instrument, not some metrosexual clothing accessory that would work as well with my calculator as with an iPOD (don't have one anyway and don't need one).

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Got three in this morning 8:00 am:

Allen, did you order direct from hp or elsewhere?


Direct from the factory. The tracking link HP sent was COMPLETELY worthless, and I would not have known at all when to expect delivery except that I tripped over the box on my way out the door.. subsequently dropped my bag, and with the door agape and proceeded to grab the closest kitchen knife and mutilate the tape and packing material, then the first blister pack. The other two will remain in their packs for now- and on display with my other 50 or so NIB HP calculators. GRIN.

My wife already endured my covering the kitchen table with every model made after 1985 to graphically demonstrate the 'direct heritage' from the Voyager series (11c/15c) to the Pioneer series (32s/32sii/42s), and after some delay.. the 35s!

IMHO bears little resemblance to the original 35, and probably would have been named a Thirty-SOMETHING simply because it succeeded the 33s flop. Any other release year and HP could have made the case to name it "32sii+" (precedence with the 17b/17bii/17bii+) or "34s", since I believe it is more closely related to either of those than the original HP35.

I think it would sell better under either 32sii+ or 34s name because those workers who LEARNED on the HP35 are now retiring, while the younger 34c/15c/32sii market is still young and vibrant.

Still I am plesantly surprised, look forward to the future of HP calcs...


Here is a nice photo of the new and original HP-35



Direct from the factory. The tracking link HP sent was COMPLETELY worthless, and I would not have known at all when to expect delivery except that I tripped over the box on my way out the door

Hmm, my factory order (placed 12 July at 1 PM Pacific time) still has no tracking information. Did yours ever have any tracking information, or was it blank? Did your order ever show "Shipping Completed"?


The tracking link only took me to the HP spam page where I could sign up for useless commercial propaganda. :-(


Wow! Consequtive serial numbers. I hope those are the two you left in the packages.

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It isn't that rare. Most boxes of 50Gs we get have consecutive numbers. If you'd like me to sell you a couple of those in a row I'd be happy to sell you some. :-)

Anyway, my 35s has serial number: 711000118

I also have a 50G with: 61100015

Can anyone beat those?



Yes, I can.


Edited: 19 July 2007, 8:27 a.m.




Thought so. :-)



Allen, interestingly enough, pressing on my LCD produces almost no distortion. I mean, unless I *really* press down, and even then it comes back in less than a second. Do all of your units exhibit this issue? I wonder if it's a bad batch or something...



I just talked with HP to check on my order and the Rep. said the warehouse is having a problem with the 35s. He seemed very familar with the issue, perhaps he is getting alot of these calls today?... He said they would try to ship tomorrow and he upgraded my shipping option.



Very frustrating. Mine also has not shipped yet, despite the fact that the order still lists yesterday as the estimated delivery date. I suppose that patience is a virtue that I should exercise more often.

The ironic bit is that I work on Page Mill Road in Palo Alto, right across the street from the HP world headquarters (I can see them out my window). I'm half tempted to walk over there and start banging on doors until they either sell me a 35s or have me arrested ;-)


Hi Seth, so you'll have a *very* short trip in September!


Knock on wood, but I called them again today. The guy who I talked to yesterday promised to update me when he had info from the warehouse, but I never heard anything. So I called back.

Today, a different rep told me that my calc HAS been shipped, and it even has a tracking number, but that the web site hasn't been updated with that information yet. Sounds a little fishy. He gave me the tracking number and I typed it into the FedEx site with no success. It's possible that it just got picked up, so we'll see.

The suspense is killing me! ;-)


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I *almost* feel ridiculous posting every minor change in my order here, but hey, I'm excited. ;-) This is almost as suspenseful as when I waited 17 hours in line last November for a Wii...

Anyhow, I checked my order header just now and found that a new line item was added: shipping. Once added, the tracking number and shipment information also appeared on the order. The "QTY Invoiced" column on both lines now shows "1" (previously showed "0"), so that's a good sign. It appears that as soon as that second line item shows up, the item is actually out of the warehouse.

Now I just need to wait for it to get into FedEx's system.



I *almost* feel ridiculous posting every minor change in my order here, but hey, I'm excited. ;-)

I think alot of people here are excited. It's quite fun, really.

This is almost as suspenseful as when I waited 17 hours in line last November for a Wii...

I'm laughing so much at that, that I can't bring myself to give a quality response to that. There are just too many possibilities...


Yeah, I did kind of leave myself open there, didn't I? ;-)

If you want another good laugh, go check out:




Mine arrived! It appears that once you see tracking number information in the HP order status screen, you're truly golden.

My shaking fingers are fumbling through the manual right now. ;-)



Congrats! What's your serial number?


72104216. Actually higher than the Wal-Mart units. Hmmmmm.

Seems like Wal-Mart pulls more weight with HP than Samson. ;-)


Arrived today (Friday) from hp, sn 72104120


Wal Mart came through first. CNA72102325. With the volumes Wal Mart typically drives, the serial number in the low 2000s makes sense.



Got an e-mail from HP at 4:42 this afternoon saying it had shipped and giving a UPS tracking #. Ordered on the 13th (2nd day, so I won't get it until Monday) ;-(



Update: came today as expected. Serial # 4159.


I ordered mine on the 13th and the originally projected arrival date was yesterday. Didn't happen. I checked tonight and UPS says the package shipped today with an expected arrival date of next Wednesday. It's not a big deal to me…I bought this more for the fun of it. My 19-yr-old HP-42s is still my main calculator and will remain so after the 35s arrives.



OK, according to my housemate, my HP 35s just arrived at my house. Woohoo! Can't wait to get home and play with it.

I ordered a second 35s from Buy.com on Wednesday, and they claim that it shipped on Thursday, but it hasn't arrived yet (I got free budget shipping on it, though, so it may take a week or more).


Woooops! Correction. About ten minutes after making my post, my second 35s showed up here at work. Hard to believe, but Buy.com really delivered. I'll edit this post with both serial numbers once I get home and see what the serial number of the HP direct order is.

From Buy.com: SN: CNA72101944

From HP: SN: CNA72104162

It's interesting that the one bought directly from HP has a higher serial number than the one bought from Buy.com.

Edited: 20 July 2007, 9:11 p.m.


Finally got mine today, directly from HP:

SN: CNA 72103815

It's a great machine. I'm glad I skipped the 33s :-)

-- alain.

Got mine yesterday (25th). Serial No. 72104035.


Got mine on Monday, 7/23: CNA72103848.

(Its display appears to be well-aligned.)

got mine on the 24th

Got mine today. Ordered 15th, shipped 21st, here 27th. Not bad for halfway around the world.

SN CNA 72102348

- Pauli

Same here in NZ. S/N CNA 72102079.
Thanks to Les for the heads up re Samson Cables.

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