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Hello and good morning, after several years of flawless use my 11c is acting up. Somehow I managed to accedently hit the user key and the display continously flashes 0.0000 user, I have removed the batteries several times tried new batteries and a static discharge across the battery terminals via a paperclip and my 11c continues with 0.0000 user flashing in a rapid pattern and I can not turn the machine on or off.
I use this 11c on an almost daily basic and would be lost without it, does anyone on this forum know how to correct this problem.

Gerald Klitz


With power off, hold down ON. Press and hold - (subtract.) Release ON. Release -. It should say "Pr Error."

Now turn it off and do same sequence with X (multiply) instead of subtract. It should say running then light all segments, meaning the calculator is good.

Test the keyboard: turn off, ON and divide, then press all keys left to right then top to bottom, pressing Enter once in each row. It should display 11 at the end.



If you cannot turn it off, leave the batteries out overnight and make sure no keys are stuck down.

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