The simplified 35s


The strategy here was to minimize costs by reducing keys.

Way it would have worked is to push the button 1 time for a 1, 2 times for a 2...9 times for a 9, 10 times to add, 11 times to subtract...34 times for cosine, etc.

Development was halted when it was realized there was no way to input a zero using this approach.

Just kidding of course.


Zero? Maybe if you just didn't press anything for a while?? ;-)


With a simple firmware change, it would be great for those users acquainted with Morse code. (That would presumably solve the "entering zero" issue, as well.)

You might consider a vocal interface. <<Wow! Idea: Dial-a-calc. Instead of the calculator "on" your cell phone, you simply dial 1-800-CAL-CULATE, speak in your values and operations, and have the results read back at you by a robotic voice.>>

Or maybe go the Wii route, and have people waving their calculator around as if they're swatting at hordes of invisible, flying insects. (That would do a lot for the public perception of the folks frequenting this site!)

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