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I know of two possibilites that eliminate the tape drive problem on the 9825. 1. Attach an 8 inch floppy to the 9825, or 2. Convert to a series 200 computer.

There is an HP Series 200 HPL operating system that you can use to eliminate the tape drive problem on the 9825. This would work on a 9816, 9826, 9817, 9836 computer. Although these computers are old by today's standards, they are very reliable and available on the used market. And, you can save the files to a 3-1/2 inch floppy like a 9121S or 9121D.

This would require very little program changes. There are two ways to transfer the programs to the Series 200 computer. 1. By serial connection between the 9825 and the Series 200; 2. By connecting an 8 inch drive to the 9825 to copy the program to disc, then connecting the 8 inch drive to the series 200 and copying the file to a 3-1/2 inch disc.

If you would like to pursue either of these approaches, EMAIL me.

Regards, Mike.

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