HP35s: just ordered mine!


HP already takes order on the web site, and the shipping date is 7/17...

Can't wait!

-- alain.


Same here, ordered 2, one for me and one for my son!


Can you post the URL? The only thing I see says, "Coming soon
Please check back soon."


Hello Mark,

I wasn't able to find an "add to cart" link either, until I went to the "Training and Modules" page.

The link to buy the calculator can be found here:


I've ordered mine! With some luck, it'll be here next week. If not, I can be patient (really!)


(Imagine: impatiently waiting, strumming fingers on desk . . . )

And, re: talking to salespeople --
If I've got it right, these online orders are being taken as "pre-orders" by H-P's Medium & Small Business unit. (Or is that "Small & Medium"?) The salesperson I talked to tossed that off as if it was a known quirk of that unit's operation.

But as far as the salesperson was concerned, there was no way I was going to buy one soon over the phone.

(So, thanks again for the link!)

Edited: 12 July 2007, 5:14 p.m.


Thanks for the link!

I've ordered my first one. If one pops up at a reseller close to where I am physically, I'll snag my second one there. Otherwise, I'll send them another full-price order via the link above.



Hey Seth -- you are the man. Much thanks.

Actually, before you sent the URL, I called HP and spoke to a sales representative. I told him after going through several iterations of description, "A friend of mine told me I was able to buy it online." He responds, "Your friend is wrong."

Thanks again.



Shipping Date 7/18/07

Just for information purposes:

Hp 35s - $59.99, 2 Day UPS Shipping - $6.00, Arkansas Sales Tax - $6.60, Total - $72.59


I was there and make my very best!

But there was no possibility to entry germany as the delivering country. :(
Is there anybody who knows a way out?

J├╝rgen Richter


Sure. Wait until german dealers offer them at twice the money :-(.


Always the same: first they tell us something about free trade and globalization, then they want us to pay twice the original price :-(


I couldn't stand up to the peer pressure. I ordered mine last night.

The 35s is nowhere near a replacement for my 42s, but it should make a better home calculator than the 32sii.




I'd be happy to take that crappy 32sii off your hands...will you be selling it?



Sorry. The 32sii will remain part of my modest collection of 10 HP calcs, but now with the batteries out.



Maybe it is not important, but when your new 35s's arrive, post a few of the early S/n's.

Walter B.,
What was the s/n of the baby's mobile?

dona nobis pacem


Ren, I'm *very* sorry, but that baby isn't mine. I think you can imagine why I'm sorry... ;-)

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