HP-97 Thermal Paper



I have just purchased a HP-97 from eBay (local seller), and I should be getting it within the next day or two. This brings up the question of paper for this calculator's printer section. Is there specific printer paper for this prenter still available from HP, or is there other printer paper that can be used? I remember seeing some old calculator printouts in blue, but don't remember if they were from an HP calculator, or from a TI-59 with its printer. Please let me know if anybody has found a solution to this.



Any THERMAL print paper with the right width (57 mm or 2 1/4 inch) can be used. The newer the paper, the better the print quality.

I use paper from a local office supplyer. I pay less than 1 EUR per roll.



Thanks for the response. Both Staples and Office Depot in Calgary carry 2 1/4" wide thermal paper. All I have to do now is figure out which length, which shouldn't be too difficult.



I use the NCR paper, available at Staples in Toronto so it should be in Calgary too.

I buy the three pack of the big rolls and split each big roll into two little ones. I keep old plastic and cardboard cores for this purpose, but I suppose the demi-roll would work fine without a core.

Look for the black and white box. Price is about $9CDN, so about $1.50 plus tax per little roll.




Thanks for the recommendation on the NCR paper. Do the long rolls not fit in the HP97 (I don't have mine yet, but should by the weekend)?



I don't think the big rolls will fit. Believe me it really is no hassle at all to manually spool off half the roll onto a finger or spare plastic or cardboard spool.




Just wanted to confirm what Les said about the NCR paper; it works really well, and prints out nice and black. I ended up getting the 12 pack of 75' rolls, just to get things going. It came out to just under $CAN15 at Office Depot. I'm sure the longer rolls that Les prefers would work just as well, and are a little cheaper, too. I'll keep the spindles from these rolls when the paper is used up, and go with the longer rolls at the next purchase.


P.S. The HP 97 had a half used up roll of thermal paper in it when I got it, and it printed out blue instead of black. I would assume that this is the original HP paper. It printed out pretty unevenly, so I took it out. The NCR paper prints out black, but very evenly.

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