MLDL2000 Update


I have made some improvements in M2kM, the user interface is a bit better, after input from users. Also the JTAG software for firmware updating is almost done. This was really complicated and is working perfectly now, I just want to make some improvements for making it really safe to work with.

When that is done there will be a new software release. Right now I have a busines strip, vacation, and more business activities coming up. I expect to do the new release end August.

After the software release I will start on V2 of the MLDL2000, adding the USB Host interface and trying to get a prototype working. Details of the MLDL2000 V2 will be announced at the HCC Conference in San Diego, I am busy working on the paper, that will also serve as the specifications. If all goes well I will do a presentation (although I am not physically present) on the extra's in V2.

I have booked the weekend in London for the HPCC conference, where I want to do the same presentation, this time in person. I hope to see many of my friends there.

I wish a good summer to all of you!



Cool, I will be in London, too... Anyone else?



/me intend to

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