Javascript RPN calculators?


Hi all. Looking for Javascript (not Java) RPN calculators similar to the HP 35 javascript simulation on the simulation page of the museum.

Sadly, the simulation is a tad too big to fit into the screen of the device I'm using. (it has to fit in about 320x400 or so and it is about 80 pixels too tall).

Any ideas?

(The device? An iPhone of course)


You're in luck! A friend of mine has been working on exactly such a calculator for his iPhone.

It looks quite funky on non-iPhone devices, but I am led to understand that it looks pretty slick on the iPhone. Give it a whirl.


That's perfect! Do you have his email or could you put me in contact with him? I'd love to stay in touch as he makes updates. :-)


Now, if only we had a new physical RPN calculator ...


Too small or too big?


That's the one I was using and it is just SLIGHTLY too big. Needs to be about 80 pixels smaller and it would be a wonderful widget for my iPhone.



The current solution for app developers of the iPhone to use Web 2.0 technologies is IMO not adequate. I hope (and believe) that Apple will open the iPhone to developers at some point in the future, at which point we can natively port HP calculator emulators to the iPhone. A voyager series model would have a very good form factor (although a bit smaller) on the iPhone. I think a port of Eric Smiths Nonpareil HP 11C or 15C would be great. Especially since the back end engine could be taken as is and only the front-end would have to be re-written. I did toy with the idea of porting Nonpareil to javascript, but, there is the speed issue and the idea of having to launch the web browser to run the app is not very appealing.



Oh, I agree it isn't as easy to launch the web browser to run an app, but that's what is allowed at the moment.

Javascript is the game right now.

The RPN calc shown in an earlier response is really nice.


Here's the image of that javascript RPN calculator on the iPhone.



Ahhhh, the beauty of the iPhone!

At least you now have an RPN calc instead of the meager Apple Calc app.

Thanks for the pix!


At least you now have an RPN calc ...


and for the non-text-messengers (like me):

.. except it doesn't have a big enter button!..

(just funnin' with ya) 8^)



And when you flip the phone to horizontal, you get an HP15C ?


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