Surprisingly usefal Calc Stand


I wasn't going to post this, but it turned out to be quite useful tonight, I figured `what the heck`. I was little bored in the workshop yesterday and made a little calculator stand for the Voyagers last night. Worked okay for the first one. I've got some incense cedar, purple heart, and mahogany to try a few more. This one is oak...not perfect, but never-the-less, okay; works good on the desk or the couch.

I'll have to get a little more creative and start making a bunch of them this summer. Too bad these didn't come with the older models.


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That's really beautiful, Chuck! Good job on something classy and smart, that still shows off the calc nicely.

If you decide to sell some on eBay or something, keep me in mind. ;-)



Really beautyful, good and solid craftsmanship! You must be a very talented woodpecker :-) Did you equip it with rubber feet?


Very, very nice!


Thanks all for the comments. I'm still playing around with types of wood, and came up with two that I like (sorry, no rubber feet yet.) I'm out of scrap wood, so time to hit the lumber yard. Here's what they're looking like...
More calc stands



If I'd have to choose, I like the one under the 12C best (though I prefer the other calcs ;-) Just one kind of wood in a small item, and I favor light wood over dark. Anyway, that's just my personal preference.


I want one.


... I want the calc's! (they are in such excellent condition!)

really beautiful stuff, well done! Thanks for sharing.




it's a lot like the one i got from educalc a few years ago - but yours is better ;-) mine was made by peak products in san jose and it uses rubberized cork strips on the foot rails. probably that gasket material. that might work on yours unless you have found the rubber feet you are looking for.

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