TI-Nspire available...


Hello Calculator Enthusiasts!

And finally the TI-Nspire made it to the store shelves.
You may find one either on eBay (auction 140133301918 for the TI-Nspire, auction 140133302305 for the TI-Nspire CAS) or from www.dynatech.de.
They claim "delivery from stock" and I double checked with TI-Europe:

"Hello Joerg,

The first TI-Nspire units have been shipping to the distributors (wholesalers) since calender week 23, so the authorised dealers will now have received the first units...."

Hope it finds its way to the United States soon...



hi joerg;

thanks for the heads up - just one question. does it function in RPN? ;-)

see you in san diego. we make passable beer in california. it'll be like germany, with palm trees.


Thanks Joerg for the info. I assume the ones sold in Germany have German manuals. For a machine like the TI-Nspire we need English manuals.

Glad it's out anyway.



I assume the ones sold in Germany have German manuals.

A device sold in country X must have a manual written in the language(s) spoken in country X. The world is organized this way, luckily. In Europe, it's the law.
For a machine like the TI-Nspire we need English manuals.

I guess you wanted to say "I need"? *We* need proper Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese manuals or whatever language we have. FYI only.


Hmm. One of those European languages ought to be English, no?

That way, *we* would all need English manuals. 8)



Of course, *some* people need it in English ;-)

Sorry I forgot to mention the language of this island, but I skipped also Polish, Romanian, Czech, Hungarian, Greek and a lot more. All negligible compared with Chinese, however 8)

Edited: 5 July 2007, 10:38 a.m.


On a related note... looking through the TI site I noticed that they stopped selling Derive at the end of June.

I still have it for the 200LX and very useful it is too. I wonder if we can persuade them to release it as abandonware?


I noticed that too. I guess it did not sell as well as they expected.


How did Derive compare to Maple and Mathematica?

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