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I am trying to port my HP41CX programs to 41CX emulator V41R8 (of Warren Furlow). I am transferring my programs to a 720kB DD diskette via a HP9114B disk drive. I have an old pc running Win98 and using the 3.5” 720kB disk drive of this pc I am able to transfer my files from the diskette to a directory on the hard disk. I used the LIF utility and used the LIF to DOS command. But the files so transferred have no extension. What format are these? Are they .lif files? I want to convert these into .raw format so that I can upload these to the 41CX emulator. I tried the WIN41UC program and the resulting .raw program has the first line in the program the LBL instruction missing. Could any Gurus please tell me how to go about this? Thanks for your help. Prabhu


I am no expert, but this just worked for me:

  1. Convert the diskette to a LIF image. I can think of two possible ways to do this from DOS/WIN98:
    • LIFUTIL (http://hp41.claughan.com/files/LIFUTIL.zip). Alternatively you may be able to extract the individual files and convert with HP41UC.
    • EMU41. I tested this. EMU41/EMU71 under DOS can read 9114 floppies. Copy the code to HDRIVE1. HDRIVE1.DAT will be a LIF image.
  2. Once you have your LIF image use HP41UC (http://hp41.claughan.com/files/hp41uc.zip) to extract and convert to RAW, e.g. to extract SAV41 from the image and convert to RAW run:
    HP41UC.EXE /l=HDRIVE1.DAT /r=sav41.raw SAV41 /k

UPDATE: Read the HP41UC docs, page 12 for step-by-step on how to do this with LIFUTIL/HP41UC. IANS, LIFUTIL can extract files in RAW format. V41 should be able to read as input.

Edited: 1 July 2007, 6:52 p.m.


Thanks Egan. I will try your suggestions. Prabhu


Hi Prabhu,

I tried to contact you by mail last saturday but got my message bounced back from your mailer.

Just contact me from other account if you can.



PS: (Just to let you know): everything is on its way ;-))

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