Let's play with a 3D model of HP-41C


Hello Gentlemen !

While some of us here enjoyed discussing about the next HP-35S, imagining numerous variants of keypads and the related functions, or solve some mathematical and programming challenges, the idea came to my mind to materialize me too my interest for HP calculators.

As I have, as most of us I assume, a special relationship with what is probably a pillar of the Hewlett Packard building, I mean the beloved HP-41, I decided to make my way a sort of tribute to this fascinating machine, by doing a complete tri-dimensional model of it. This is not, of course, as interesting as an emulator, but visually speaking, it goes further and, in this way, this is complementary.

I took the dimensions on my ’41, which is an early one (serial no : 1944A…), also called a “tall key”, with square corners on the screen and gold-plated ball-bearings on the side of the battery compartment (to allow for a future AC adaptor that was never produced, as you can read in the MoHPC).

As you can see on the attached picture (I apologize for the poor quality of this picture), I think the result is not so far from the original model. I really had some fun by making the parts one by one, and by assembling them to give life to this project, and I hope you will enjoy playing with it at your turn, because that's what you'll be able to do !
(Please, be indulgent with me, I didn’t disassemble my ’41 to draw the PCB !)

I explain : you’ll find here a small website I’ve quickly made to host the 3D-file and a link to a free software, a viewer of 3D files, eDrawings viewer 2007®, necessary to display this file.

Download and install the viewer, then download and open with the viewer the file HP-41C.easm, and play !
You can zoom, rotate the model, move the components, hide them or make them see-through : you will see your HP-41 closer than you never did !

This is totally useless, but absolutely necessary for who is HP-41 fanatic !

Kind regards from Jean-Michel.



I downloaded and installed the 3D viewer. Very nice 3D model. Almost feels like the real thing. Wish it had an accompanying emulator/simulator to make it work!!



Hello Jean-Michel,

Tout simplement fantastique! Just fantastic!

Unlike you I am not an HP-41 fan (well, it's not your fault I couldn't afford a 41C/CV back then to develop a crush on it), but I have appreciated very much your 3D model. I won't bother you with a request for an HP-15C 3D model though :-)

It really looks like the real thing. Congratulations for such a passionate work!



Hello Gerson,

Thank you very much for you congratulations, this warms the cockles of my heart.
Be sure that I would be very pleased to make the same work on a HP-15C... if some of you could join themselves to offer me one ! :-)

Kind regards.



That's an offer WE CAN ALL REFUSE!!




That was just a joke, man... When I want any HP calc, I just go to the auction site with my money.
Keep your capital letters for something more important.



Jean Michel,

I was joking too. My guess a collector like you has a few HP-15C and just about any other worthwhile vintage HP calculator.



Hello Jean-Michel,

I would be very pleased to make the same work on a HP-15C... if some of you could join themselves to offer me one ! :-)

Of course you don't need a working HP-15C for this job :-)

In case you're still interested, I'd send you a dead 11C. The HP logo, the battery compartment cover and the innards, except the damaged LCD, are missing. I am particularly interested in the aluminum bezel model, as it may eventually be used for producing replacement bezels.

Best regards,


P.S.: Don't be upset by capital letters. Everyone here knows you were joking, because of your smiley. Likewise you could have gessed Namir was joking too, because of his smiley at the end of his post :-)

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