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I have a HP67 that I have not used in many years and which my son wants to revitalize. The batteries are missing - I plan to replace them with three AA nicads, but in the meantime it has an odd problem. Whenever it is turned on, one gets a rapidly varying pattern of random digits in the display, a little like the noprmal "running" display. It won't respond to any keystrokes, however. This looks like it might be a low power failure, but I read that the 67 would operate without the batteries. Is this just a battery issue or do I have more serious problems?

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Hubbard


Dont like the sound of that at all. I'd stop using the wallwart supply until it can be checked over. My guess is that AC or rough DC is being fed to the calc - of course it could be many other things but... Your right, you should be able to run the machine off the wallwart without batteries. Rebuild the battery pack - normally rechargables come partially charged and will run the calc for a few minutes, then you'll know who the culprit is.

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