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Hello All,

I just bought a 50g and cannot figure out how to input and return angles in DMS. I do this frequently and would like to have it readily available. Any suggestions?

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Read page 3-79 of the advanced users manual.


The function ->HMS converts a decimal hour (or degree) into a form HH.MMSS and the function HMS-> converts HH.MMSS into a decimal value. As far as availability goes this function is found either in the CATALOG or in the TIME menu under tools. If you use it frequently consider making it a part of a CUSTOM menu or a user defined key.


Lots of luck on a 31E with all its trig functions! Of course the function should be on the keyboard and not hidden in some menu somewhere ala the 42S.



Thank you very much for your replies. I have put the DMS commands on my Custom menu.

How about entering and returning degrees, minutes, and seconds directly? I believe that you can on TIs by entering each value followed by a symbol (e.g. ' for minutes). I believe that results can be reported in a similar fashion.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,




in RPL mode enter HH <space> MM <space> SS <Custom Function>.

If your custom function has been built with (say as an example)


in algebraic mode (which I suppose, because of your question), calling your custom function as described above will solve the RPL equation:

<< -> h m s 'h*3600+m*60+s' >>

and display the expected result.

For a description on DEFINE see Chapter 3 of the User Guide (the large pdf document on CD).

For a more user-friendly implementation, pls. look up the fine descriptions of - '30 MENU' usage in equations - to build custom menus. A lot of sophisticated samples of this technique are available at


Hope this helps!

Peter A. Gebhardt



Thank you for your response; I'll give it a shot.


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