New 17bII+?


At the moment, the small thumbnail picture of the 17bII+ on HP's site sure looks different than the currently shipping product I've seen, or the close-up photos in the data sheet!


(I got a screen capture in case it reverts)

Looks like it has a wide ENTER key where it belongs, and an over-all design reminiscent of the alleged HP-35s!

Has anyone seen this model in the wild?

EDIT, 26 June 2007: Well, it looks like they've caught their error and reverted the thumbnail back to the currently shipping style. Ah well. I'll keep an eye out for the new design in stores.

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Looks like they have gone back to the 17BII layout. Strange that would happen and still keep the model number exactly the same.

Speaking of which, check out this funky blue model:




It seems 'hp' finally wants the older fans to buy new units again,

after nearly ten years of, hmmm, problems listening to users?

At least for me, the new models with this kind of keyboard layout,

incl. the ENTER bar where it belongs,

are much more interesting than the, errr,

kinda problematic doorstops of the past few years;-)

Maybe there's hope for a new high-end model with HP-48 keyboard layout?



Good eye Seth!! My next comment is that buying this new version of the 17BII+ may require some waiting. When I clicked on the "Find Resellers" link in the new 17BII+ web page, I got the picture of the older 17BII+ in a web page that lists resellers. It seems that HP is beginning to update. Like with other updates (HP-33sand HP-49G+) it's hard to request a specific revision when buying online or by phone. You have to walk into a store and actually see the new version.

Soooo ... now the question is one of sighting of the new version. If anyone sees it, please flag us here and tell us which store has them.


Edited: 24 June 2007, 7:38 a.m.


Seth, Thx for pointing us towards this news ..

For the time beeing it only looks like an cosmetic "dress-up" to align all products selling well towards one new "product image" (as of 35s) ...

Anyway, I happily would buy a new one if it only does get rid off the dreaded battery exchange procedure (pls. give me a backup battery to save memory contents!) OR it does allow for store & reload to/from a PC. I'm tired to type in valuable programs for hours (again and again ...)after battery exchange :=(

Best regards

Peter A. Gebhardt

PS: (25-Jun-2007)Last 'but not least - the L() and G() functionality should be implemted in a way that all the great work of Tirone & Coffin could be used again as was possible on older models before the 17BII+ ...

Edited: 25 June 2007, 12:49 p.m.

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