EMU41 2.4 ALPHA issue


I am new to EMU41 (I am using it for it's HP-IL support). When I press F4 for ALPHA I am only able to enter a,b,c,d,e, anything else is *. It is as if all input is 41-shifted. F8-F4 (i.e. XEQ-ALPHA) does not have this problem. Has anyone else seen this?



Are you using the CX ROMs? Do you have the CCD module loaded? The CX ROMs are needed to have all the lowercase characters in ROM,of course. And the CCD ROM only does full lower case when USER mode is on.



Thanks. Unloading CCD fixed it. However, I didn't have USER mode enable. Thanks again.


Actually, the extended ALPHA mode of the CCD module is active when USER is OFF.

Apart from that, the CCD module and the CCD OS/X greatly improve
the usability of the HP-41.

Many user interface related things are much easier with the CCD OS Xtensions.

My minimal config is CX/CY + CCD OS/X, of course;-)



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