HP-29C Quick Reference Guide


I need a QRG for my HP-29C and notice that none is listed at hpmuseum.org or on their DVD. Is there anyone who would be interested in scanning their HP-29C Quick Reference Guide in color and passing it along in JPEG, PDF, or MS Word DOC format? Sincerely, L. Fox


I've done that and Dave has it to put on the next DVD release which (I think) might be out soon.

Version 6 QRG.



Thanks for the Version 6 link. I went ahead and pre-ordered the DVD v6.

And speaking of pre-orders, there is a new edition of Numerical Recipes (Cambridge Press) coming out in early August. If I am allowed one Numerical Analysis book, this is the one I choose. You can order it online (Amazon and the like). The new version also uses C++ source code but the code is more object-oriented than the one in the currently sold edition. The publisher is also making available an electronic version of the book (for pay). There is also a CD with all the source code of the various editions that will be offered. To find out more click here.


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I have the 2ed C and F77 books. They have been invaluable. It is worth noting that the 2ed C, F77, and F90 are freely available as PDFs from nr.com. Having the PDFs are useful for searches.


I think the publisher has realized how popular the PDF files are, and thus has decided to sell subscriptions for them. Those who buy the book can buy lifetime subscriptions.



Most of my recent UserRPL and SysRPL programming efforts have been grateful adaptations of NR code. Indeed, I must admit that the structure of RPL is indeed well suited for such translation. Even though it is tougher at first to learn vs. RPN keystroke programming, I am glad I have taken the time. Right now, my 49G+ is my most used calculator. A few months ago,I barely touched it.


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