HP 41 Keyboard Overlay



I want to create my own Overlay so i have a Question.

Did someone have the exact measurment of the HP 41 Keboard Overlay?

Or did someone has Corel Draw file?

Or an adress or link to download?

Thank you


Or you could buy a stainless steel one from Hudendai on eBay and use it as a template with an Xacto knife. Here's the eBay listing.


Did someone have the exact measurment of the HP 41 Keboard Overlay?

This is tricky since the overlay does not have straight sides.

But, here are my measurements:

67mm wide at the top. 64.8mm wide at the bottom. 67.4mm at the widest point.

102.2mm tall without the tab and 104.2 with the tab.

Or did someone has Corel Draw file?

I have a PDF of a scan of the original HP41C overlays and a CorelDraw file.
I don't know how to post them here.

-- Richard

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