48G Broken


I need to fix my HP48G calculator. Do you know a place where I can send it for repair? Any suggestion, address, tel. are welcome.


Your best bet is buying an HP48GX (expandable, 128K RAM, about $150) OR hp48g+ (not expandable, but also has 128K RAM, about $100) from Calcpro website www.calcpro.com. I have purchased from calcpro several times and have talked on many occasions to their manager, Paul Nelson. If you purchase the HP48GX or HP48G+ from Calcpro along with the PC Connectivity kit, you usually get a discounted package deal. My HP48SX (purchased in June or July of 1992 from then Educalc) was having problems turning on about February or March of 1998. I purchased the HP48GX as part of a discounted package deal from Catculating Edge (which replaced Educalc, and has since been replaced by Calcpro). The HP48SX stopped working for good about a couple weeks after I received my HP48GX. My HP48GX is still performing well. I bought an HP48G (not expandable, has 32K RAM) from Educalc in 1995. The HP16C emulator package loaded into it case MODE menus to lock up (probably because of only 32K RAM). The same HP16C emulator causes no such problems in my HP48GX. I would like to get an HP48G+ and PC Connectivity kit in the future, and plan it to be from Calcpro. Good luck!


If you can wait for warrenty repair (it is out of warrenty),
but Hp will still replace your broken Hp48G with an Hp48G+ for a fee of $50 if you email Hp on their Hp site and enter in info. Hp will give you an address on where to send calculator and payment.

Much less $$ to go to Hp and exchange than Calcpro if all you need is an Hp48G+. If you want to upgrade to a GX you might consider emailing Hp to ask if they have an upgrade plan as well. But $50 for a G+ is a pretty good upgrade cost.

I sent Hp49 back and had to wait 2-3 weeks (one of the first with an easily scatched screen and bad serial I/O).

If you need a faster replacement, you will have to buy.

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