More brochures on the HHC2007 website!


More to come too.

Click on the small HP35 at the top of the page to access these "hidden" features. New brochures include some scans from the "dark side" (just kidding Palmer!) :-)

Registration is already well over 40 attendees. Looks to be th ebest attended conference in a LONG time.

Why not consider registering and attending the conference the last weekend of September 2007 in San Diego? Hear a great group of talks. Have a chance to ask HP YOUR favorite question. Meet me! (just kidding there too).

Keep an eye open for updates!


Hi Gene!

Dreat putstuff. But i wonder if it is possible to find some old Material from old Europe (f.e. Germany) out of the seventies?

Did you have some of these and can you place it on the side?

To see them would make me feel 30 Years younger :-)

Thank you


I have what I have. Some of the TI brochures are from Europe, but I don't have any HP brochures from Europe. If someone does and scans them...


I've got a few old brochures in German, starting with one for a 25c. Most of them are 2-page. When you tell me an address, I'll be willing to scan them and mail them to you.


Send them to the "Contact us" link at the HHC2007 site.


Hallo Walter!

Pleeeeease also to!

Would you????? ;-)




Gene & Jürgen,

You've got mail (15MB).

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