How will the 35S affect the value of your collection?


First, I am anxiously awaiting the 35's release. Buy one? Absolutely! Probably two or three if the keyboard is any good. (crosses fingers, toes and eyes)

However, if the 35 is of the great quality that one might hope for, what happens to the value of HP's on the unmentionable auction (Ebay) site? By and large the value of my collection is based upon the value to me; that is as a sentimental favourite, but also based upon the fact that I can't replace it easily for work - I simply can't stand the 33. Would you purchase a used 10/11/12/15/39/48 if the 35 were available?

So, how will the release of a new high quality HP affect the value of used RPN's? Will there be a softening of the price on the unmentionable auction (Ebay) site as buyers find the 35? Or, will the market go up as new kids come onto the 35 product and discover the HP world?




The first time I really got in contact with HP and RPN was when I freshman, will say when I was in my twenties. So its never to late. I hope that todays students will learn to love RPN and its advantages. But I guess its still the professional sector which counts. Engineering courses and the like. The educational sector is hopeless lost to TI. And its hard to crack the AOS-front.
Not even a good (knock on wood) HP-35s will change that. Most of todays youngsters don´t even know what RPN is! So why should the buy such a strange machine, with a rather weak AOS implementation? the know what they gonna miss?

The old HP-calculators are gone for good. The HP-33s is not that bad. The HP-35s maybe even better, but certainly still miles away from what it could be. Today I use a 33s för daily work. For a week or so I pulled out my old 28s and made some calculations. It took me only 2-3 key strokes and I was sold again! After 15 year the keyboard sensitivity and the tactile feedback is still superior compared with the fairly rockhard and only 6 month old 33s keyboard.

The 35s seems to be OK, far better than the 33s. But will it effect the value of old HP classics? - Never! You will see 42s and 15c getting even more expensive with time.


But will it effect the value of old HP classics? - Never! You will see 42s and 15c getting even more expensive with time.

Although I am not a collector, per se, and do not plan on selling any calcs, I tend to agree. They still feel better than anything out there. They were just built differently in a different time with different priorities by a different culture. They represent the high water mark in calculator technology to many folks.

Did classic car values go down in value when the cruiser knockoffs came out?

Besides, they aren't making any more and, as just about anyone who has several of these around the house can tell you, there is an emotional element to owning/using one of these high quality classic machines as well.


It will certainly depress the vale of the 32sii.


Yes, the 32SII prices should drop. A few others might as well. I often think the 50g has depressed 48gx prices a bit.


... which isn't a fault anyway IMO.


The 32SII prices may drop but maybe not. I think that they went up some when the 33S first came out as a reaction to the terrible quality of their new release.


i didn't buy them to sell them.


I only got into collecting when I, on instinct, went to buy a back-up 32sii, fearing they might be discontinued soon, only to discover that they had been discontinued only months before. One thing led to another and now here I am, a smitten collector!



Personally, I collect HP calculators because I love them. I don't care about the price, in fact I wish they were cheaper and more plentiful, so more people could enjoy them! But that doesn't answer your question.

With luck, some prices will go down a bit, but I don't see any kind of price plunge. Maybe the 32SII will see a slight price drop, but all in all I think things will be pretty constant.


That's like saying that every time the post office prints a new stamp, older stamps lose their value.


John; no kidding.

i have about 45,000 bucks worth of instrument and (garbage) carlson alegro banging around the truck, plus all the computational power in the office and on this thing i am typing on. on saturday i needed to figure grades on twentysome points for this morning. i grabbed my 41. it needed to be done right.

it's like last year. the only time the screaming midget i used to work for would shut his face hole was when he needed me to figure something he wasn't sure he could do. i couldn't do it either but my 41 could.

i'll buy the 35s and put it in my vest because i like new toys, but the cx stays in it's qsack on my belt in case i need to think.

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